Anya Levykh

Anya Levykh was born on the shores of the Black Sea, in what was formerly the USSR. The cold, Communist winters were too much for her family, and, before she was four feet tall, they had left for warmer climes in the south of Italy. After steeping in olives and a little bit of grappa (purely by accident) for a few seasons, she arrived in Canada on American Independence Day, and was promptly told she was on the wrong side of the border. Despite the lukewarm welcome, Anya stayed and went on to study music and literature at the University of British Columbia, and cooking in her mother’s kitchen. She is now a freelance writer and editor, and the weekly food columnist on CBC Radio One’s On the Coast. She lives with her daughter and an ever-growing collection of cookbooks in Vancouver, B.C. Visit her at


    Vines and Brines

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