Shawn Soole

one of the most recognized bartenders in his homeland of Australia at the time, and relocated here for love with the city’s honest and unpretentious food and drinks (and for his lovely now-wife). In his years here, Shawn has spearheaded the craft cocktail revolution in Victoria, influenced bartenders across BC and elevated the BAR bar in Canada. His name and influence was cemented during his tenure at Clive’s Classic Lounge, where he was twice nominated by Tales of the Cocktail for Best Hotel Bar in the World, and where Shawn himself garnered a nomination for Best International Bartender – the only Canadian bar ever to be nominated in any category at that prestigious event. Shawn has hosted, emceed, judged, organized and competed in almost 50 cocktail competitions internationally, bringing a worldview approach on both the classics and the trends to Victoria.


    Sherry in Cocktails

    Sherry in cocktails is not a new thing in any regard. Lorded a century ago in precursory drinks of the 1800’s; punches and cobblers listed sherries ...

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