The Best Spring Rolls in Victoria

A tasty appetizer in East and Southeast Asian cuisine is the spring roll. Not exactly for the calorie conscious, but let’s face it, spring rolls are just too good to ignore. Crispy and deep-fried (though sometimes baked); they are the perfect bite-sized hors d’oeuvre.

Often confused with the salad roll, which are made with fresh ingredients and not fried, spring rolls are either filled with cooked meat such as minced pork, chicken, or shrimp and veggies such as onions, carrots, celery, and sometimes vermicelli noodles. The wrapper is made from either wheat or rice paper. Dipping sauces for spring rolls can either be sweet and sour like a plum sauce, or spicy vinaigrettes and chutneys.

Here are five of Victoria’s tastiest spring rolls.

Paneer Spring Roll-Kuku's

Paneer Spring Roll, Kuku’s East Indian Restaurant

A specialty at Kuku’s and very popular with the locals are Anita’s handmade paneer rolls (the original recipe was created by Anita’s mother in England, who made them for parties and family gatherings). Filled with shredded paneer, onions, cilantro, green chilies, and peas, you will have a hard time stopping at just one. Served with house made mint chutney and tamarind chutney. Delicious! $1.25 each or five for $5.


Veggie Rolls-Thai Lemongrass

Por Pia (Veggie Spring Roll), Thai Lemongrass Restaurant

These are so tasty and surprisingly light as far as spring rolls go. Not oily at all, but still crispy and full of flavor. Filled with a mix of cilantro, onion, sweet Taiwan cabbage, celery, and glass noodles and served with a house made plum sauce. $7 for four.

Shanghai Noodle Spring Rolls

Chicken and Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Shanghai Noodle Restaurant

What I like about these spring rolls is the amount of filling in each one, and that they are made fresh per order. Loaded with shredded chicken, bamboo, bean sprouts, carrots, cabbage, and just a little garlic; so flavorful they don’t need any sauce. Although, if I want something to dip in, I like them with the house made Vietnamese vinaigrette for a sweet and sour contrast. $1.80 each.

Le Petit Saigon

Vietnamese Spring Roll, LePetit Saigon

Looking for something vegan and gluten free? This is your roll. Wrapped in rice paper and fried until extra crispy, you can’t go wrong here. These are a true Vietnamese delight; filled with tofu, carrots, onions, and rice vermicelli and served with a sweet and tangy chili sauce for the perfect bite. $4.50 per roll.

Shrimp & Sweet Fruit- J&J's

House Spring Roll, J & J Wonton Noodle House

This little roll is a step away from the traditional Chinese spring roll with the addition of sweet peaches, mangos, and pear. Available with shrimp or vegetarian, they are sweet, creamy, and crispy. A good start to a great meal. $1.60 each.

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