Pimm’s Brunch Launch at Sauce Restaurant


Pimm's O'Clock, Sauce server Brittany with Bar Manager & Cocktail Guru Ryan Malcolm. Photos by Lilian Sue


The launch of Pimm’s Brunch debuted at Sauce quietly and to little fanfare. Families, couples and a few friends filed into the restaurant to watch some of the highlights from Euro 2012 and to enjoy some of Sauce’s amazing brunch.


Whether you had the French Toast or Eggs Benedict, the Pimm’s Brunch drink menu has something for every flavour and every taste. Each cocktail was crafted using Pimm’s No. 1 plus a wide variety of refreshing summertime ingredients.


For a morning pick-me-up, Pimm’s O’Clock is reminiscent of a mimosa, mixed with oranges, cranberries and ginger beer. If beating the mid-day heat is what you’re after, the Classic Pimm’s Cup with mint, cucumber and lime is the perfect way to chill. The Jimmy Jam is for adventurers, named after Pimm’s Cup creator James Pimm and potently strong with Bulleit bourbon and orange marmalade.


Pimm’s Brunch is the brainchild of Sauce’s resident cocktail guru and bar manager, Ryan Malcolm.  For Ryan, deciding on Pimm’s to be featured in Sauce’s summertime brunch menu was about more than just versatility. Pimm’s falls into a category of liquors known in Italy as “amaro” translating as bitter. Typically used for medicine, they are generally sweetened to become more palatable. Amaros have become very prevalent in today’s cocktail culture and are very dear to Ryan’s heart at Sauce. Pimm’s was chosen not only because it is a British gin-based amaro but because of its versatility.


All of the cocktails Ryan created for Pimm’s Brunch are what he calls “patio communal”. They can all be made by the pitcher or into a single or double servings, and are meant to be enjoyed on a hot summer’s day out on the patio.


Pimm’s influence and popularity during the summer months in England is widespread. In fact, it is so synonymous with summer that the English have a temperature controlled Pimm’s ad campaign on British radio. The Pimm’s ad will not play on the radio unless the temperature exceeds 22 degrees Celsius.


No need to wait for a 22C day here. Head on down to Sauce for Sunday summertime brunch and experience a taste of English summer, come cloud or sun.

—By Lilian Sue


Sauce Restaurant

1245 Wharf Street, Victoria, BC




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