2018 Wedding Trends to Watch Out For

With the new year comes new things and trends. Especially when it comes to ceremonies and events, there are always emerging trends and weddings are no exception. Every year brings new brides, who are the center stage of the ceremony. The pressure for most brides to plan the perfect wedding is real, and a little inspiration goes a long way. While we will never be able to forget the 2017 trends, like the cactus wedding décor and the macramé ceremony backdrops, it is time now we get into the new year and see what we expect.

At En Ville Event Design & Catering, we are one of the top wedding planners, and our experts had a fun time predicting some of the wedding trends that we should watch out for in the coming months. But worry not, even with these suggestions below, we will always ensure we sit down with you and discuss what you want most, as the decision is ultimately yours. We are a top catering company in Toronto and our clients have only good things to say about us.

We have a fresh and inspired list of what we are expecting to see in 2018. What is better is that these trends will be perfect for every type of wedding from traditional fetes all the way to more casual celebrations. Let’s take a look at the influx of the fresh ideas and ultimate 2018 wedding trends.


This goes without saying. Green is the ultimate theme for any bride going for a lush, rich and vibrant yet understated elegance. Simple greenery, maybe even just taken from the backyard, can elevate your wedding day reception and take it to new heights. In 2017, it was an emerging trend and we are sure that this year it will be a top trend. It’s time to think green about your wedding day décor by hanging greenery décor up above. Have greenery garlands and then have statement lights covered with vines. The statement lights will still draw attention above and you will feel it is something pretty and beautiful to look at after all. The best thing about this is that it brings an outdoor feeling to the inside. It also brings nature closer and more amazingly, it is very cheap hence no pinch on your budget.

Apart from hanging installations, greenery can be experienced in other ways. Think, greenery items like herbs on guests’ tables. These herbs will be perfect statement centerpieces. Also, consider tying some of the greenery on some of your centerpieces and accenting your napkins. Picture the feeling and the sight. So unique.

Black and White is the Color

Some say white is not a color but at En Ville Catering we say you can never go wrong with black and white. The idea here is being classy. And we believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. While black and white could be so simple, they can be so elegant and classy. Note that the mixture from the linen can turn things around and make your wedding the most sophisticated wedding.

‘Naked’ Trend

This has nothing to do with being naked. The naked trend is all about using naked pieces, or pieces of a nude color tone if you like. Nude colors include ivory, ecru, beige and wheat shades (from lightest to darkest). There is something quite elegant, in a simple and understated way, about nude tones. It says, ‘I am here and I am classy and elegant’ without shouting for attention. Also, wedding cake decorated with ivory or beige flowers will add extra charm to your celebration.

Opposite Color Trend

Opposites of everything attract and this goes for colors as well. Think, color blocking. This not only works for daily outfits but for wedding themes too. There are opposite colors that you can block for a perfect look; an example is baby silver and yellow. Consider using rock mats with grey and brown under grey plates. You’ll not find grey plates in many weddings and this is definitely a new trend guaranteed to bring that really nice juxtaposition.

When it comes to your centerpieces, you can add different colors also but why not try something new instead of flowers? Try some colored fruits such as cut-up lemons and incorporate some green herbs for freshness. It’s definitely something different but interesting since it gives your wedding that different pop and look. There’s nothing wrong with flowers, but there’s also nothing wrong with doing it differently for your once in a lifetime big day.

At En Ville Catering, we are all about making your wedding look and feel different, and when it comes to classy and fabulous we are truly unrivaled.

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