6 Dishes You Have To Try in 2018

Do you consider yourself a foodie? If trying out new dishes is one of your favorite things to do, this article is for you. We’ll explore some of the unique foods you’ll need to try out in 2018. From tasty grilled steak to heart seafood, we’ll cover popular dishes for every foodie out there.


The first three dishes we’ll mention below are offered by Sur-Lie restaurant. Located in the heart of Ottawa at the Byward Market neighborhood, Sur Lie restaurant prepares the best French cuisine using locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant has a seasonal menu that features old and new world wines as well as handcrafted cocktails, a wide range of drinks and appetizers served at the restaurant. The dishes served at Sur-Lie are inspired by the rich local producers in the farmer’s market. From handmade pasta to delicious seafood, every dish is lovingly prepared to give guests the best experience an Ottawa restaurant has to offer.

  1. Foie Gras Three Ways

You know you can’t go wrong with foie gras. Known for its smooth and creamy taste, foie is full of delicious fat. This is one of the signature dishes at Sur Lie. It’s made using preserved blueberries sourced from Ontario’s Byward marketplace. The foie gras is combined with dark chocolate truffles to help balance the fat component from the foie. Although this luxurious treat is high in calories, it’s still healthy. Created by the French, foie gras is something you certainly want to try out at Sur Lie.

  1. Beef Tenderloin

Another classic French combo you don’t want to miss is the beef tenderloin. This dish is made with one of the lowest fat cuts of beef. The potatoes and beef tenderloin blend perfectly together to form a savory dish. Nothing can compare to the beautiful texture of the tenderloin and silky-smooth carrot purée that adds some color and flavor to the dish. The finish looks picture perfect with classic French béarnaise and pan jus added at the top. This dish also contains potato starch which is added to substitute the need for cream as a binding agent. The end result is a healthy and tasty dish you’ll certainly want to try out.

  1. BC Black Cod Bouillabaisse

If you’re looking for more flavors and components, choose this hearty seafood broth. Made with PEI mussels, crevettes and British Colombian black cod, this dish is savory sweet with lots of textures. The heart fish stew comes packed with lots of healthy ingredients and the perfect balance of seafood served with black cod and crevettes. The fragrant broth is a showstopper in this meal and will make it worth it if you’ve never eaten a Bouillabaisse before. Try this and you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the south of France without ever leaving home.



The next three dishes are offered by En-Ville, an event design and catering firm in Toronto. Founded by Geoffrey Johnson, En Ville is an award-winning full-service company that focuses on one-of-a-kind events from catering weddings to corporate functions and everything in between. En Ville serves the GTA and surrounding area. Renowned chef Rene Kramer supervises a culinary team of over 20 chefs and together, they prepare healthy and innovative menus using a wide range of traditional and international dishes. En Ville caters to different dietary options including vegetarian, vegan and halal. They can serve any of the dishes below at social events, parties and other functions. Expect food that’s fresh and sourced from local suppliers. The team also works hand in hand with the client to create a menu that suits their needs and budget.

  1. Grilled 6 Oz. Ny Striploin Steak

We know the grilled striploin steak is one of the most flavorsome steaks you can ever find. It’s also perfect for those summer barbecues but you don’t have to wait until it’s summer to enjoy this dish. This beautifully marinated steak is served with blue cheese and herb crumble. The plating is on-point and the steak is tender and juicy. For anyone who loves a good grilled steak, this is certainly the dish to try out. You can choose any salads you want to accompany this dish. It’s quite affordable and you get a sizeable portion to get rid of those hunger pangs.

  1. Forest Mushroom

If you love mushrooms with a meaty texture, this is certainly something you need to try. The forest mushroom dish is prepared with eggs, Truffle oil and Gruyère. Enjoy the health benefits of mushroom to your diet by trying out this dish. We know that mushrooms can make any food around them taste better. Feel free to combine this with any other dish you fancy on the menu.

  1. Grilled Flatiron Steak

If you ever feel like indulging in grilled steak, this is one dish you won’t ever regret choosing. En Ville caterers have outdone themselves with this particular grilled steak. It is deeply marinated to give it a rich flavor with a tenderness that’s almost as good as the tenderloin. It’s been paired with Madagascar peppercorn sauce adding to the depth and richness of the flavor. This is one of those dishes that anyone will have fun eating. It also seems to have little to no fat at all so it could be that perfect dish when you are on a diet. It comes with artisanal rolls and assorted dessert pastries as well as some cookies.

Sur-Lie, surlierestaurant.ca, 110 Murray St, Ottawa, ON, (613) 562-7244

en Ville Event design & Catering, 165 Geary Ave, Toronto, ON, enville.com, (416) 533-8800


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