6th Annual Herring Sale to Raise Funds for Fishermen Helping Kids With Cancer

Finest At Sea Victoria will see the once a year arrival of 20,000 pounds of fresh herring. This one-day herring sale is a fundraiser for Fishermen Helping Kids With Cancer (FHKWC) 100% of the proceeds go directly to improving the quality of life of kids with cancer. The sale starts at 7:00am, with the most devout herring lovers lining up hours earlier in the still dark morning.

This event runs entirely on the passion of volunteers and goes until we are sold out. Bring your pails and coolers and join us at 27 Erie St across from Fisherman’s Wharf at 7:00am Saturday December 2.

WHY KIDS’ CANCER? The spark for Fishermen Helping Kids with Cancer (FHKWC) was the inspirational daughter of a BC commercial fisherman. Moved by her steadfast three year battle with cancer, a fellow fisherman came up with the idea of the BC commercial fishing industry holding a herring sale to help all kids with cancer. Though she helped in the planning, our inspiration died at the age of 17, just a few days before the inaugural herring sale in 2011. Even with the improved survival rates for many pediatric cancers in the last 20 years, cancer continues to take the lives of more children than any other disease. FHKWC works directly with doctors and oncology staff to fund programs and supplies which are not covered by the hospital. To date, the Herring Sale has raised more than $350,000 for kids being treated at BC Children’s Hospital.

WHY HERRING? Pacific Herring are a beautiful fin fish with green and silver colouration. Their soft off-white flesh with high oil content offers a wonderful full flavor lending itself perfectly to grilling, pickling, smoking,canning  and salting. Their stocks off the East Coast of Vancouver Island are in excellent shape and are rated a “Best Choice” fish by both the Oceanwise Program and The Monterey Aquarium Seafood Watch who monitor the health and sustainability of commercial fishing stocks.

WHY US? Finest At Sea is a local homegrown commercial fishing company offering BC’s finest wild caught sustainable seafood. Caught by our own fleet, managed by our fishermen and processed in our own plant here in James Bay, our fish is 100% wild with full traceability back to its documented known origin. We have been operating since 1977 and continue to set the highest standards in commercial fishing and retail operations. We are proud to bring this wonderful event to Victoria to share with our community. In helping the BC Commercial Fishing Industry strengthen their community ties we are helping kids in the fight for their
lives. It is truly a one of a kind event. The cult like enthusiasm for the fresh herring paired with being served by the fishermen and knowing that all the proceeds go directly to the kids.

For more information visit Fishermen Helping Kids With Cancer website at www.fhkwc.ca
or Finest At Sea’s website at www.finestatsea.com

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