A Comprehensive Guide to Catering a Wedding Reception

A Comprehensive Guide to Catering a Wedding Reception
There are countless details your guests will forget a few days or weeks after the wedding reception. However, a great meal isn’t among the things they are likely to forget. For this reason, it makes sense to hire the best wedding caterer in Toronto and concentrate plenty of planning energy on drinks, food, quality, and the atmosphere of your wedding reception.
Are you hungry for more sensible advice to help you plan your big affair from simple hors d’oeuvre to a delicious dessert? Here is a comprehensive guide to catering your wedding reception.

The Conventional Sit-Down Meal
You can opt for the traditional route and probably have a more formal three-course, sit-down meal. This is an affordable and comfortable way to keep your guests entertained and make them feel special as they will find the catering staff waiting for them.
It’s recommended to plan your seating plan carefully and choose a great menu for your big day. Ensure the event attendees can comfortably chat for some time over dinner. Your guests don’t have to queue up when selecting their favorite meal at the buffet. Remember, queuing can disturb the flow of conversations.
A three-course wedding dinner is expensive, and regardless of what you choose for your menu, there will be some guests who won’t be keen on what’s being provided. Besides, if you present a rich dessert, your wedding cake may be largely uneaten. Thus, you can save a few bucks by serving your cake as a dessert!

A Buffet-Style Breakfast
Are you planning an informal party? Consider offering your guests a buffet-style breakfast. Note that a buffet can work out as being more cost-effective than a sit-down dinner. Besides, you can offer a variety of food options including vegetarian, fish, and meat to be sure you are catering to all preferences.
A buffet-style breakfast makes it easier to cater for guests with allergies. If you plan to have a DIY wedding, a buffet is something your family, friends, and everyone else can contribute to. Even if you don’t desire the main part of your buffet to be DIY, probably you can have a DIY table.

Afternoon Tea Is A Great Idea Too
If you are on a tight wedding budget, consider forgoing the breakfast altogether and offer your guests an afternoon tea. You can also request your baking friends to provide homemade cakes and scones or probably serve delicate finger sandwiches for your guests to enjoy.
Consider dressing up your tables prettily with great tablecloths and hang pom poms or bunting overhead to create a celebratory touch. It’s recommended to serve a lot of tea, soft drinks, coffee, and plenty of fizz for all wedding toasts and speeches. This is a lovely way to feed your esteemed guests, particularly if you are planning a vintage-style event.

Bowl Food Taster Menu
Having bowl food is another excellent option for catering your wedding reception. Bowl food taster menu is like a cross between offering substantial canapes and buffet. Your catering staff will bring around trays of medium-sized bowls containing varying dishes such as noodles, Thai green curry, risottos, and chips. Your guests can help themselves to what they prefer. This is a chic option for a great city-style wedding.

BBQ Wedding
If you are a planning a rural affair, BBQ dinner is a truly delicious option. It’s a rustic-looking option that is showing no sign of going out of many people’s favor. Consider serving a buffet of vegetables and salads to accompany your preferred main dish. Finish the dinner with an ice cream – a great dessert. You can also have a mobile fish and chip for all your wedding guests – this is a perfect mid-evening snack.

More wedding catering tips
If you are working on a budget, here are more tips:
• Budget approximately 25% to 30% of your entire wedding spend for catering.
• Having fewer guests means reduced catering expenses.
• Opt for a wedding venue that is self-catering. You can also choose a place where you can bring your preferred caterer.
• In case you have a small list of guests, consider holding your reception in a restaurant.
• It’s wise to get your event started later in the day to reduce the number of meals you must serve.
• To reduce the cost of drinks, use sparkling wine rather than champagne for toasts.
• It’s also good to get married during morning hours and serve an afternoon tea reception.


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