A tie won’t cut it this year.

For me the ideal Father’s Day would be to be surrounded by family cooking up a storm while I kick back with a local brew. Barring that I wouldn’t mind seeing the mobile pig roaster guy pull up in front of my house with the spit turning and the waft of grilling filling the neighbourhood air. Barring that a mega chunk of grass fed beef—cut into what the French call Côte de Boeuf – a rib steak cut two and a half inches thick and weighing in at a cool three and half pounds. I’d grill this, first on high heat, then finish on low. Serve in thick slices.

Or, for a last minute gift how about tickets to Fernwood Bites – a food & wine tasting event Sunday June 20 from 6-9pm. Stage, The Little Piggy, Fernwood Inn, Zambri’s, Paprika Bistro, Lucy’s, Devour, Tinhorn Creek, Sea Cider, Silk Road, Wildfire and more will be in attendance. Website For more information, call 250-381-1552 ext. 100.

So, while I encourage you to shop/eat local for Dad, here are a few inspiring Internet shopping suggestions for that most fatherly of gift-giving days.


The Bacon Wallet

This bacon-printed wallet looks like it’s delicious enough to eat, but it’s actually a great accessory ready to stash all of your cash! Includes 6 credit card slots, 3 small pockets, & 2 bill pockets. Faux leather material. $16 at FredFlare.com


Barritt’s Bermuda Ginger Beer

Used exclusively for the famous “Dark & Stormy” drink (with Gosling’s Black Rum) at the Princess Hotel in Bermuda! Just put ice cubes in a highball glass, add 1.5 oz of Black Seal Rum, top with Ginger Beer. Squeeze lemon wedge around the rim of the glass. Garnish with lemon wedge. $2 each from the Really Weird Beverage Company.


A Gourmet Trip to the Tour de France.

Maybe this one’s a little on the pricey side but think about it: combining a love of sports with a week of eating and drinking your way along the cycling route in France! Website


The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating

You know the phrase “whole hog?” Well, London-based chef Fergus Henderson takes it literally. Author of The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating ($15), Henderson believes in using virtually every part of a plant or animal in your cooking to reduce waste, resulting in such tasty yet repulsive-sounding dishes as Rolled Pig’s Spleen, Roast Bone Marrow and Parsley Salad, and Blood Cake and Fried Eggs. Yummy. Available in local bookstores or online


Portable Pig Roaster

Slow roast a whole pig, lamb, goat, or turkey in your own back yard with a motorized rotisserie! Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate your specific needs, these spits use charcoal to slow roast meat to succulent golden brown. Each spit can be disassembled in a matter of minutes for storage. Easy to follow assembly and roasting instructions are included. From $589.00 at McReynolds Farms


Factory Table Wine Rack

Inspired by the pipe fittings in an old industrial building, the Factory Table Wine Rack ($100) is a solid way to store your vino. It boasts rivets, piercings, and a faux aged patina that adds to the industrial feel, a rust or zinc finish, and room for up to six bottles of vino, or enough to quench the thirst of a small group of workmen in an 1800’s factory, which is exactly where this looks like it came from. Online from Uncrate.com


Magimix Vision Toaster

“That’s about as fun as watching bread toast.” Okay, so that might not actually be a saying, but toasting has never been as fun as with the Magimix Vision Toaster ($300). This unique toaster offers a viewing window that lets you watch as your bread browns thanks to four quartz heating elements that heat evenly, four preprogrammed settings for toast, bagels, reheating, and defrosting, extra-wide slots, and stainless steel construction. Next up? See-through rice cookers. Because who really knows what the hell is going on in there?Available from Uncrate.com


Marais Stool

The epitome of French café life, it’s rumored that Xavier Pauchard’s Marais Collection (1934) was created for use in the weather forecasting room on a battleship. We asked the manufacturer about this, but even their records are unclear. Still, we do know that after its possible time at sea, the Marais was supplied to bars and brasseries by breweries in exchange for selling their beer, and carries on this tradition by holding court in the secret bar inside Oakley’s massive, steampunk-inspired headquarters. Great for adding some industrial flair to your home bar, and also good for beating down intruders and unwanted guests. Made in France. $300 from Design Within Reach


Whisky Stones

One of the worst things about adding ice to a whisky is its ability to water-down the flavor. So chill your next drink down with Whisky Stones ($20). Milled in Vermont by some of the oldest soapstone workshops in the US, these stones chill quickly in the freezer, and won’t impart any flavor to your favorite blend. From Uncrate.com

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