Agricultural Adventures in BC

Summer weekends and holidays are perfect for family memories and often involve a journey and adventure.

A trip to a B.C. farm is a convenient and great-tasting food experience that offers lessons about the food we eat and the people who grow it. Best of all, a visit to a farm leads to meals and snacks that can be enjoyed right then and there, or later at a campground, family meal or barbeque.

Here are five places British Columbians can visit to get the full taste of summer, and the best part is, each adventure can be experienced in communities all over B.C.:

1. The patch: Most British Columbians have a strong childhood memory of visiting and picking at a berry patch with friends and family. Bring the sunscreen, water bottle and hat. Leave the recipes for when you get home!

2. The farm: From new potatoes and corn, to eggs, fruits and vegetables, farm gate sales offer freshly harvested food, directly from the people who produce it.

3. The artisan: From cheese and honey, to cider and wine, many of B.C.’s producers welcome visitors to learn, observe and enjoy how their products are made.

4. The market: Connect with the families who produce our food by making regular trips to any of the province’s approximately 100 farmers’ markets, for meals, feasts, adventure or treats. Buying local can also be done at supermarkets large and small.

5. The tour: Whether you’re at an Interior ranch, or coastal retreat, each region of B.C. produces unique products and tastes. Wherever your B.C. holiday goes this summer, include some time on a farm, and eat and enjoy the local flavours.

Quick Facts:

* Food grown in B.C. does more than just support our families’ health, it supports our economy.

* Buying local supports farm families in communities across B.C. Nine out of 10 B.C. farms are family-owned and operated.

* The farmers and processors who produce our food employ 61,000 British Columbians.

* B.C. is Canada’s agricultural diversity leader, with 225 products.

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Coming this weekend: Tour of Farms
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