Albino Armani Claps Cabernet Franc 2007

Friuli – Grave – DOC

I have a love/hate relationship with Cabernet Franc.  When the grape is treated gently – letting the spicy, herbal, bright fruit shine – I love.  But when, as is much more oft the case, the vintner throws a big stack of wood at it and turning it into a smoky firebomb – I hate. Thus, I’m always leary to try new Cab Francs – do I dare?  But this wine has restored my faith in this wonderful grape – for the time being at least – and while I can still find it on the shelves.

The Armani family has been handcrafting wines in northeastern Italy for over 400 years, now encompassing large estates in Veneto, Trentino and Friuli. This Friulian Cab Franc – like its surrounding inhabitants – is proudly without compromise.  No oak bombs here.  Bright, pale red in hue, a spicy cherry nose entices to a medium bodied palate of raspberry, cassis, herbs, hay and white pepper.  Lovely finesse and balance – pair with roast poultry, game or sausages.  This grape thrives in the cool, marginal climate of Friuli.  If only BC winemakers would strive for Cab Franc with this finesse and honesty, as opposed to the hot, charred wines so many churn out.  For $20 – this is a steal.  Just don’t buy it all off our shelves before I get a chance to get some more.

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