All About Presentation: The Art of the Menu, Victoria Edition

Menus are a necessary but often disregarded aspect of dining out, and with innovative designs that are often as delightful as the food they promote, a thoughtful menu can be the solidifying element of a memorable experience. Inspired by The Art of the Menu, a recently launched website that is devoted to showcasing “the underrated creativity of menus from around the world,” we have decided to highlight some local spots that seem to go that extra mile when sharing their creations.



This busy Victoria staple has attracted locals and tourists alike for many years with their New York style décor, generous servings, and nostalgic silver-screen salutes.  Their clever menu will no doubt put a smile on your face with “Main Attractions” such as “ The Mae West,” a veal dish for what they call a “veal woman.”

1011 Broad Street, Victoria, BC. (250) 386-1662 Website


Fiamo’s Italian Kitchen: 

Fiamo’s also hits a nostalgic chord as they fuse 50’s and 60’s themed accessories with a modern and sleek European design. Their old-meets-new aesthetic is highlighted through a beautiful chalkboard display, as well as leather-bound menus containing old-school imprints, photo-backdrops, and a black, red and white motif.

515 Yates Street, Victoria, BC. (250) 388-5824 Website


The Local Kitchen: 

The admiration The Local feels towards their chef Jason Dark (aka “Big Daddy”) is no secret, and this is artfully shown through their menus. Along with custom-made coasters, every page offers photos, quotes and information on the man behind their delicious meals.

1205 Wharf Street, Victoria, BC. (250) 385-1999 FB




The Superior: 

With an ever-changing menu and a different set of performers each week, The Superior has adopted homey clipboards that can easily house temporary sheets of featured food, drinks and artists. A simple design with a big impact, this innovation goes well with their quirky décor of mantle-placed bicycles, mounted hunting booty, and comfy couches.

106 Superior Street , Victoria, BC. (250) 380-9515 Website


The Oyster Bar:

Due to the nature of their cuisine, Oyster also requires a menu format that is conducive to their seasonally inspired dishes. Instead of the more folksy option of clipboards, Oyster went for clear plastic tablets with custom-made industrial strength elastic bands to hold down their interchangeable papers.

614 Humboldt Street, Victoria BC. (250) 385-5562 Website


– By Ellie Shortt (all photos by Ellie Shortt)





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