Altos Las Hormigas Colonia Las Liebres Bonarda 2008

Mendoza, Argentina

Ah – the week before Playhouse. The remaining tickets are being snapped up, winemakers are arriving from all points on the globe, and wine geeks – um – fans, like me are drafting their schedules. Argentina is one of the regions in focus this year (along with New Zealand), and many a tongue will be Malbec-stained purple by the end of the festivities. But while Argentina’s Malbecs will certainly get the lion’s share of attention, I want to talk about a lesser known red from the lofty country.  So much lesser known, that this bottle of Bonarda was the only government listed one I could locate this week in BC.

Originally grown in Italy’s Piedmont region, the Bonarda grape has seen much success in the high altitude, rich soils of Argentina, where it is a major varietal. Dark ruby, with aromas of sweet stewed plums, strawberry and mulled spice, this unoaked wine has bright cherry, grapey, floral flavours with a run of cola throughout. Light-medium body, playful in the glass and fresh-but-firm tannic finish reminded me of a Dolcetto or Gamay.  In my opinion, 40+ year old vines deserve better than a synthetic plastic cork – but hey – we’re talking $13 here.

And – not to be overlooked, the sweet bunny label (Colonia Las Liebres = Hares Colony) is guaranteed a smile.

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There are still tickets available for seminars, grazing mixers and the main International Festival Tasting Room.

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