An Introduction to EAT’s New Columnists

It’s all about cocktails, the home bar, what to buy, and what to serve.

Founders Kyle and Nate launched their bar consultancy, The Nimble Bar Co, in early 2017 with education being the primary focus. They sought to fill a significant gap in an industry that does not offer proper training for bartending outside of a work scenario. They use the invaluable 40+ years of experience among their team to provide a cutting-edge curriculum that focuses on navigating the bar of today, world-class technique, functional flair, palate development, soft skills and salesmanship. They also train bar teams to a high-performance level, curate fun cocktail workshops and seminars, and execute any cocktail event at the highest calibre.

Kyle and Nate will be bringing their knowledge and flair to the EAT pages, starting with The $300 Home Bar in the July|August issue.

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