BC Brewers Create ‘All-Women’ Brew

BC women brewersVancouver, BC – This month, some of BC’s top female brewers will pool their talents to collaborate on a special ‘all-women’ brew in the name of raising the profile of women who make, and drink, beer.

With BC’s craft beer scene enjoying tremendous growth, there is still a marked absence of women in the in the industry, most especially in the brew house.  With more than 50 craft breweries in BC, there only a handful of female ‘brewers’.  But the male dominant trend is changing.  As more women make beer their drink of choice, the beer biz is creating more opportunities for females.   A few of BC’s most notable craft breweries are already home to female brewers.

“The number of female brewers in BC can be counted on two hands,” says Aly Tomlin, veteran Vancouver brewer. “The absence of women is really odd.  But the women who do brew, tend to do it really well.”

The collaboration brew will be made by Rebecca Kneen, brewer at Crannóg Ales, Sorrento, BC, Claire Connolly, brewer at Big River Brewpub in Richmond, Heather Kilbourne and Becky Julseth, brewer and owner at Salt Spring Island Ales, and Aly Tomlin, veteran Vancouver brewer-at-large.  The brew is taking place April 2, 2011 at Big River Brewpub in Richmond, Brewmaster Claire Connolly’s home turf.

“We are pooling all our strengths and sharing our expertise to create a brew which expresses the innovation, experience, and excitement women bring to beer,” says Rebecca Kneen of Crannóg Ales. “Expect a bold beer which will tempt everyone – even men!”

The collaborative ‘all-women’ brew will be an organic Cherrywood-Smoked Saison and will be ready for consumption by the third week of April in draught and cask form in both Vancouver and Victoria. Some of the ‘all-women’ brew is likely to pop up at Vancouver Craft Beer Week, May 6-14, 2011.

“It’s a great time for women and beer,” says Becky Julseth, owner of Salt Spring Island Ales. “Craft beer in our region is burgeoning and women are contributing to that more and more – both as consumers and as participants in the industry.”

This is the first time female brewers in BC have come together to brew collaboratively, but it likely won’t be the last.  The brewers hope to build more supportive relationships between women in the industry. By drawing attention to the feminine side of brewing, they also hope to draw more women into the brew house.

About Salt Spring Island Ales:

Salt Spring Island Ales is 100 per cent locally owned and operated and 100 per cent of production is done at the small brewery. It is one of the smallest non-pub breweries in BC and sources or grows many of its ingredients locally. Salt Spring Island Ales are available on tap at a wide variety of establishments on Salt Spring Island and Vancouver Island. The Golden Ale, Pale Ale and Porter are also available in select Vancouver Island and Salt Spring Island liquor stores in 650ml bottles. Salt Spring Island Ales is currently, its brewing Salt Spring Golden Ale, Salt Spring Pale Ale, Salt Spring Porter, Salt Spring Whale Tale Ale (a German-style Altbier) and Salt Spring Island India Pale Ale. The brewery’s seasonal ales include the Heather Ale and the Fireside Winter Ale.



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