Beer and a Bite: Pilsner & Hot Smoked Salmon



Each Print edition we take a look at a beer that is relevant to the issue’s season and then we pair it with a simple dish. This past issue we looked at a crisp pilsner with smoked fish. In future online editions look for more expanded food aspect and recipes.

Use this combo in the upcoming Labour Day Weekend as a appetizer/ party snack.


The Beer:

Steamworks Pilsner (BC)

Starts off with a snap of crisp carbonation and finishes with an extra hoppy kick. In between look for malt and citrus. A nice quench on a hot summer day, easy drinking and a good call to serve when you have a variety of beer drinkers. 5% alc.



The Bite:

Hot Smoked Salmon

Hook Fine Foods on Fort Street in Victoria smokes and cures their own seafood. This month we have three bites: a super moist and oily sockeye filet; hook & line caught, wild Chinook nuggets; and a peppered Coho filet. We’re hooked. Each are great on their own, but your best bet is to serve all three, as each brings different flavours out of the pilsner. (In Vancouver pick up quality smoked salmon at Finest At Sea.)




The Conclusion:

We love the smokey, sweet richness of the salmon against the lemony, fresh tasting and slightly bitter west coast pilsner. A perfect lazy days summer combo.



Written By:

Colin is the Assistant Editor at EAT. You can contact him via Colin was born in Nova Scotia and spent his first five years there. His mother and father owned an inn and restaurant and Colin spent his time ...

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