Birch Syrup Candied Salmon

Ever wanted to try making candied salmon at home? This recipe comes from Andrew Springett, Chef at Fetch, the restaurant at the Black Rock Resort in Ucluelet. To read about Treve Ring’s report on the recent Black Wood Dinner, click here.


·       8oz Salmon

·       2L Water

·       62.5g Kosher Salt

·       500g Brown Sugar

·       500g Birch Syrup

·       250g Honey





1.    Make the wet brine by adding all ingredients excluding salmon into a

12L insert, mixing and making sure every things dissolved


2.    Skin and Pinbone Salmon, cut into ½ inch strips, add to wet brine,

cover with cheesecloth


3.    Let salmon sit in brine for 48 hours


4.    Take fish out of brine and set in on wire smoker racks, take your

brine and strain it. Then reduce till a syrup consistency.


5.    Smoke salmon on low for 3-4 hours, glazing the fish with the brine

syrup every 20 minutes. Fish will be “translucent” once finished


6.    Once smoked, give it one last glaze, put it in fridge still on the

wire racks, uncovered to dry overnight

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