Blazing a more sustainable trail for BC bakeries

True Grain Bread, a craft bakery and grain mill with locations in Cowichan Bay and Summerland, moves to baking exclusively with BC grown organic flour

From the Press Release: According to livesmartBC, transportation is THE largest category of greenhouse gas emissions in BC. When shopping at a grocery store or farmers market, many people are mindful of where and how produce was grown and make their purchasing decisions accordingly.

At the same time, we are still ignoring the fact that the wheat and wheat-based products we purchase travel vast distances across our country. In a common scenario, Prairie grown wheat is shipped to Ontario, processed (milled, baked, frozen) and sent to BC, logging over 7000 km in the process.

True Grain Bread is blazing a new trail to change this. Bruce Stewart, President of True Grain Bread explains. “People are becoming increasingly mindful of the source of their food and the real societal cost. A paradigm shift is coming and we are excited to light the fuse. As of April 2016, everything we bake will be made with organic BC-farmed and BC-milled flour. We’re not talking about offering a loaf or two. That’s not good enough. We mean everything: every bread, every pastry, every baguette, every cookie. The organic flour within it was born in BC. Through new relationships and investments, we have achieved this and we are very proud.”

“We have an environmental responsibility,” adds co-owner Todd Laidlaw, who runs the Summerland location. “We need real solutions and we need them quickly. When one of our customers buys a loaf of our French bread at our Summerland bakery, they can feel good knowing that the organic flour used to craft it logged less than 160km. Same thing for a croissant or baguette. That is huge. A small change in behavior can have a big impact.”

True Grain Bread has retail bakeries in Cowichan Bay and Summerland and True Grain flour is available in many BC grocery stores and available to craft bakeries in BC.

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