Bonne Maman Partners with Toronto Shops for a Special Tasty Offering

Ready to spread some joy throughout the GTA, jam producer Bonne Maman has partnered up with top artisan shops across Toronto for the 1st annual JAM IN THE CITY, happening October 12th until the 21st.

Made from the same time-honoured traditional French recipes used since the very beginning of the brand, Bonne Maman has now provided select makers and bakers one of four featured jams (APRICOT, RASPBERRY, BLUEBERRY & STRAWBERRY) from which they have each made a special limited-time treat, ready to be enjoyed by the hungry public.

Adding a little more sweetness to this delectable special, purchasers will receive a gift with purchase, while supplies last.

Participating locations include Cheese Boutique, Dufflet Pastries (Beaches location), Le Dolci, Maman, Nadège Patisserie, Stubbe Chocolates, The Rolling Pin, and The Tempered Room.

“I’m very excited to have Nadège participating in this event. Personally, I adore Bonne Maman jam on slices of homemade brioche, a wonderful childhood memory from my time in France. So, at Nadège, I’ll be introducing a limited-edition macaron flavour made with Bonne Maman raspberry jam and a salted caramel, a perfect combination of sweet and salty.” – Nadège Nourian, Owner of Nadège Patisserie.

“I’ve been a big fan of Bonne Maman, their iconic jar and checkered lid since my first trip to France in the 1970’s. Bonne Maman were ahead of the curve in creating products with natural ingredients with no artificial colours or preservatives added. I feel that Dufflet Pastries shares a similar tradition, adding a little sweetness to your day with delicious premium items that you can actually trust.” – Dufflet Rosenberg, Owner of Dufflet Pastries.

Along with having no artificial colouring or preservatives, Bonne Maman jams are Non-GMO Project Verified and have no high fructose corn syrups, making JAM IN THE CITY a delicious fall experience.

“Growing up in France, a toasted baguette with butter and jam was a morning favourite and beside homemade jams, we always had a few different kinds of Bonne Maman jars in our pantry. I’ve worked with Bonne Maman in the past and had such a great experience. It was an easy “Yes” to be part of this delicious program.” – Bertrand Alépée, Owner of The Tempered Room.

Visit the Official Website for more information & be sure to follow along via #JamInTheCity on Twitter and Instagram.



An exceptional “savoir-faire” born of a long tradition. Over the years, Bonne Maman has become the unrivaled market leader in France and in many countries. Bonne Maman’s success is founded on an extensive range of high-quality products and unique know-how.

Bonne Maman is a leading brand of high-quality jam and is part of Andros, a family owned French company. Andros is specialized in manufacturing fruit preparations and has an exceptional knowledge of fruit transformation.

High Quality Jam “Traditional French recipe” production process aimed at maintaining the integrity (vitamins, minerals, fibers) of fruits used. No colourings, preservatives, GMO or artificial flavourings. Intensely flavoured and rich in natural fruit sugars. Selected fruit, sugar, a little pectin and lemon juice are gently mixed together and slowly cooked. Packed in the famous facetted jars, topped with the instantly recognizable red and white gingham lid and the distinctive handwritten label. Symbol of the French « art de vivre » and its traditional culinary values.



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