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A popular go-to these days, for the post workout snack or the mid-day nibble, is the energy bar. Yet the average commercial bar contains over twenty plus ingredients and most of those listed don’t seem like real food. Not to mention the selection these days. How do you decide? Protein, Meal Replacement, Portion Control, Breakfast, Low Carb, or Low Glycemic bars, I get tired just looking. I find myself holding up one bar to the other, comparing protein vs. carbohydrates vs. fat vs. fiber and by then I’m so hungry and confused I pick the one with the most enticing name, like “White-Chocolate-Bliss-Omega-Heavenly-Feel-Good Bar”, which costs around $4.95 and doesn’t even taste that great.

Bubby-Rose's-BakerysmallThat was until I came across a locally made, delicious little snack called the Bubby More Bar; truly so good you’ll want more. Created and sold at Bubby Rose’s Bakery, this chocolaty treat will give you the sweet boost of an energy bar without all the fuss.
As former bakery owner Valerie Engles* says, “If you’re going to climb Mount Everest, you might be able to eat the whole thing.”

And she’s right; they do pack one heck of a protein punch. However, with the perfect blend of salty peanut butter crunch and sweet creamy chocolate, it’s a worthy challenge. And they’re gluten free, too. They contain sunflower and sesame seeds for added protein and nutty flavor, plus organic rice crispies. Inspired by the original Eat-More Bar, these tasty chews are big sellers with the fitness crowd. Cyclists in particular love them as a quick pick-me-up along the way. At only $2.55 per bar, people just can’t seem to get enough of them, says Valerie. This old-fashioned combo of sweet and salty definitely keeps true to Bubby Rose’s vision of creating “simply delicious comfort food”. The Bubby More Bar is also available at Discovery Coffee and Machiato.

* As of the 1st of April, the bakery is owned by Darioush and Dorothy Diba.

Peanuts and Chocolate, What More Do You Need?

Bubby Rose’s Bakery
Phone: 250-472-8229
Address: 1022 Cook Street Victoria BC

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Holly Brooke is a true B.C. gal. Having lived on the west coast most of her life, except for several years in the Kootenay's where she canoed and fished and lived in a tipi, she's very much at home outdoors and in the kitchen. ...

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