Calliope Sauvignon Blanc 2009

Okanagan Valley


Okanagan wine watchers will recognize the name Calliope – wines under that name have been made in years past. This tiny Okanagan hummingbird has now been reborn, this time in wines passed through the skilled hands of the Wyse Family, of Burrowing Owl. Calliope will serve as a creative side project for the winemakers at Burrowing Owl, allowing them to step outside of the established house boundaries of the Burrowing Owl style. This boutique brand will be a hot ticket, and a highly coveted one since the first vintage is a relatively small one.

There are not very many Sauvignon Blanc coming out of the Okanagan today, lost in the sweeping tide of Chardonnay and Pinot Gris flowing from the Valley.  Calliope sourced the grapes for this wine from the Similkameen Valley, fermented it in barrel and let it marry with the lees for 3 months before bottling.  What? Oak? For lean, tangy and sprightly Sauv Blanc?  Yup. The result yields a nose of bright lemon and herbal gooseberry, and a creamy palate of lemon, mineral, medicinal herb, lees and vanilla. The finish is smooth and long. Don’t think about this being a typical zippy Sauv Blanc – it will just mess with your mind. Instead, just sip and enjoy this richer Sauv Blanc – akin to California’s Fume Blanc. The heft will make it partner with savoury dishes with a little weight. Try cornmeal crusted prawns, roasted fennel or spit roasted herbed turkey.

The Sauvignon Blanc was released today in select private stores. Subsequent vintages are expected to be in good supply and will also include reds.

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