Chefs Help Raise $117,000 for Our Place

The Hungry Hearts is a unique fundraiser aimed at raising both awareness and funds to Our Place to serve the most vulnerable citizens of Greater Victoria.

Six top local chefs used their culinary expertise to see who could create the most popular savoury bite at the Inn at Laurel Point on Saturday February 27th.

The community came together to raise over $117,000 with the help of these competing chefs:

Jason Clifford – Table 21

Dan Cunningham – Truffles Catering

Brad Holmes – Olo

Takashi Ito – Inn at Laurel Point

Nicolas Waters – Toque Catering

Morgan Wilson – Fairmont Empress

The winner was Chef Takashi from the Laurel Point Inn who created a gourmet Aura Sushi of torched Albacore Tuna, side stride shrimp, soy onion salad and togarashi mayo.

Pictured above: Winner Chef Takashi Ito, Aura Restaurant, Inn at Laurel Point (more photos below)

—By Sherri Martin

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