Chefs Wanted to Help Celebrate Apple Pie Day

images from last year's Apple Pie Day, credit: Gary Hynes

The Moss St. Market is seeking chefs to participate in their Apple Pie Day on Saturday, October 15th. After a very successful launch last October, organizers are heading towards the 2nd Annual “Celebrate a chef and their apple pie” Day.

From the press release:

Last year was a resounding success, with 46 pies gone in under 45 minutes. This year, we are planning to do half the pies at 10:30 AM and the other half at 1:00 PM, just to spread out the pleasure.

1) 23 chefs baked 2 pies each, using apples of a know variety, so that people can get to experience many different baking apples. This is very seldom done, but it is a very special bonus to know the variety of apple you are eating, so that you can select your favourite

2) The plan is to cut all pies into 6, and then to subdivide each of those into 3rds -each pie is split into 18ths. Customers can then pick 3 smaller pieces from 3 different pies, thus sampling 3 different pies. The 3 smaller pieces will equal the size of a regular piece of pie. A piece of pie will be sold for $5.

3) The name and details of the baker will be posted with the pie. We would love to have the chef attend to enjoy the enjoyment.

4) Celebrities will be present to help with the event and to add to the fun.

5) All money raised will go to a good cause.

6) Volunteers will be present to also help with the pie sales.

Last year,  the funds raised were split evenly between the Moss St Market, Our Place and the Islands Chefs Collaborative (ICC).

If you are interested in participating, please contact event organizer, Harry Burton, and he will arrange for you to get your apples. Most apples should be delivered this coming Saturday, Oct 8. (2 kg of a named variety of apple). Pick up will happen at Moss Street Market, but Harry can also deliver to chefs who are too busy to pick up at Moss St. For more information or to register, email Harry Burton at

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