Clive’s Classic Lounge Faux Pomme

Though in his own words, “green”, bartender Nate Caudle’s drinks are anything but. What he may lack in years, Nate has made up in sheer work. Between running a one-man cavalry astutely under Victoria’s Liquid Revolutionist Shawn Soole (see Treve’s recent Chat of the Cocktail chat with Shawn here), and his 2nd job as Bartender/Jack of all trades at Pagliacci’s, Nate works a 7 day week, every week. It’s this drive and determination that led Shawn to share that Nate was the “best young bartender to work with in 15 years.” This drink was created on the fly one night when Clive’s chef asked Nate to make him something of his own choosing. The distinct Granny Smith apple-notes of this apple-free cocktail led to the name. Appleicious it is, with zesty mouth watering lime, cool lick of gin, mineral, sweet pear and smooth and refreshing finish. Bright and refreshing – much like the character of young Mr. Caudle.

*Clive’s new fall/winter menu launched yesterday, they’ve just been named Campari’s first Canadian Red Bar, and is ground zero for the upcoming Art of the Cocktail festival – not to mention home of internationally known bartender Shawn Soole. So if you haven’t been, your excuse isn’t good enough.

FAUX POMME – courtesy of Nate Caudle

1 1/2 oz Gin (Plymouth if available)

1/2 oz Noilly Prat dry vermouth

1/2 oz Giffard Pear Liqueur

2 Dashes peach bitters

Sparkling wine, to top

Stir, and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Top up with a sparkling float, and a lime zest expressed over the the glass and dropped in.

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-Treve Ring, Online DRINK Editor

September 23, 2010

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Treve Ring is a wine writer, editor, judge, consultant and certified sommelier, and has been with EAT Magazine for over a decade.\r\n\r\nIn addition to her work with EAT, she is a Wine Critic and National Judge for ...

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