Cold Comfort

photo: Eggnog ice cream sprinkled with cinnamon. credit: Katie Fritz

The only thing I want for Christmas is a pint of Pear Cheesecake ice cream from Cold Comfort, but I’ll have to learn the secret handshake-back-flip first. This underground, membership-based operation is passed by listening in on conversations and knowing who to ask. An operation as covert as the Bruce Wayne’s bat cave, Ms. Cold Comfort [Ms. CC] has begun a delivery service of her homemade ice creams to savvy residents of Victoria.

Though she began making ice cream as a creative outlet, her foodie-inspired combinations–think salt-caramel or blueberry Earl grey–garnered quick attention and disappeared quickly from her laundry-room deep freeze.

“I only ever eat a spoonful. Just to make sure it’s alright.” Ms. CC assured me in our secret café rendezvous. I resisted wearing a scarf and sunglasses, though begrudgingly.

Her restraint is lucky for us, as the products have garnered an impressive fan base. Ms. CC is currently working with a single ice cream maker that produces in two-litre batches, though she has plans to purchase a larger machine soon. At the rate she collecting customers, she will need it.

“Every time I go and make a delivery the people are so excited. Last night I went and delivered a liter of Eggnog ice cream and there were these two kids hiding behind the corner and they kept asking ‘Mom can we try it now? I know I brushed my teeth and evervthing but can we try it now?’ It totally made my day. It’s like they were waiting for the ice cream lady.”

For December Ms. CC has been roasting pears in sugar until they are candy-sweet and tender, then layers them with cheesecake ice cream and brown-butter graham cracker. She’s also working on a Christmas Cake flavor, and has been toying with combining cranberries, sage and orange.

Though she is in the process of setting up a formal website for ordering, at the moment she is relying entirely on word of mouth. If you’re interested in ordering some Cold Comfort of your own, keep your ears open and your Facebook page on refresh. If anyone would like to send anonymous gifts to your friendly editorial staff, we’ll wait on a Cold Comfort membership, please and thanks.

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