Countdown to the Art of the Cocktail. Who’s Thirsty?


How does sipping aperitif wines while eating imported chocolates sound? What about rediscovering the glory of forgotten concoctions with the creator of the Obama Nation Cocktail, or watching a team of bartenders try to beat the clock while working with secret ingredients? No matter your poison, Art of the Cocktail has you covered.



Joining the fifth-annual Art of the Cocktail is legendary wine producer Roberto Bava. “Fun Manager” at centuries-old Bava Cocconato, Bava is renowned for more than just one industry: he is also a chocolate expert, founding member and first president of the Italian Chocolate Society.

In addition to exploring the wonders of the Asti region of Italy, Bava will talk about the unique aspects of aperitifs, fortified wines and how they complement pairings like chocolate and nuts. Bava’s intimate workshop promises a highly authentic and engaging session, with pairings that will delight the palate of any foodie.

Also presenting at Art of the Cocktail is founding member of the Seattle Bartenders’ Guild and creator of the Obama Nation cocktail, Jim Romdall. Romdall plans to show guests that The World Of Sherry isn’t just about sneaking a sip or two between stirs while you’re cooking.

Through tastings and demonstrations, Romdall’s feature will demonstrate that Sherry isn’t just for dashing into stews and soups anymore. He wants to investigate one of the most complex and versatile beverages in the world, and explore Sherry’s place in the cocktail revival.



Be a part of the cheering crowd at one of Art of the Cocktail’s three exciting Bartender competitions, and come watch Home Bartenders WOW our guest judges with their spicy concoctions, or find out which city will become the Victoria Gin Ultimate Cities champion. Tickets are selling fast!

Want to be behind the bar for one of these events? Applications are still being accepted for the Home Bartender‘s and Best of the Pacific Northwest competitions. Check out the website, and try your hand at bringing home the title!


Grand Tasting

With over 50 sample tables full of original libations, the Art of the Cocktail’s crown-jewel event, the Grand Tasting, is once again showcasing the beauty of the cocktail revival. Now over half sold out, time is running out to get your hands on tickets to Canada’s premier cocktail event.

The Art of the Cocktail runs from October 26-28 in downtown Victoria. For a complete list of Art of the Cocktail events, descriptions and ticket information, visit

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