Courvoisier Introduces the 1st Age-Declared Cognac to Canada

Renowned Cognac pioneer launches the Courvoisier Connoisseur Collection

Courvoisier, the symbol of innovation and quality in the world of fine spirits, proudly launches its Connoisseur Collection – two marques baring the distinction of being the first Cognacs available from any of the four major Cognac makers to display a declared age statement. Courvoisier 12 year old & 21 year old will be available in select liquor stores and on-premise locations nationwide this fall at an approximate retail price of $89.95 and $349.95 respectively.

“We wanted to release something truly special for our consumers who seek out new experiences in premium spirits. We believe that Courvoisier 12 year old and 21 year old are the answer. Our goal was to take a different approach to Cognac and to develop an understanding around what the age of a Cognac truly represents.” said Courvoisier’s Master Blender, Patrice Pinet. “With the Connoisseur Collection we are making Cognac more approachable – we do this not only by communicating the age right on the bottle, but by crafting a Cognac with a clear flavor profile that is complex and delicate without being intimidating.”

The younger of the two marques – Courvoisier 12 year old – a Cognac for true gourmets, is a blend primarily selected from grapes grown in the Borderies cru (growing region), which at 12 years of age develop floral and spice notes. These notes are further enhanced by the addition of Fins Bois grapes to develop vibrancy and then Grande Champagnes that extenuate the elegance and depth of the blend.

Courvoisier 21 year old, a Cognac for a true enthusiast, originates from the top growth region, the Grande Champagne cru, and is aged in the Courvoisier warehouses for more than two decades in hand selected fine grain oak barrels. Twenty-one years is the optimum time for this Cognac to develop the full richness of aroma that is immediately apparent when enjoying the liquid, every time.

Assistant Brand Manager for Courvoisier Canada, Deepti Gurkar says, “The Connoisseur Collection further demonstrates the revolutionary spirit that has become synonymous with the Courvoisier brand. Our decision to release two Cognacs with their age noted on the bottle symbolizes another leap into the future while still paying homage to the craftsmanship that has made this brand so iconic.”

Director of Spirit Quality Control and Global Brand Ambassador, Pierre Szersnovicz will be introducing The Connoisseur Collection to the Canadian market with national market visits and meetings with on-premise establishments, hosting tasting seminars for media and beverage industry professionals and other retail appearances. Pierre will be travelling across the country starting on August 22nd until September 1st. Dates and locations are as follows:

August 22 & 23 Montreal

August 24 Ottawa

August 25, 26 & 29 Toronto

August 30 Winnipeg

August 31 Calgary

September 1 Vancouver


About Courvoisier

Founded in the early 19th century, Courvoisier is renowned for producing the finest cognacs. Considered a pioneer in the industry, Courvoisier is the only cognac to be awarded France’s highest honour for excellence – the Prestige de la France. Courvoisier’s heritage can be traced back to Napoleonic times.





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