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Veganism is a scary and misunderstood word for many. Yet, unlike the prevailing understanding, which equates vegan food to carrot sticks and salad, it can be a diet rich in diverse and exciting food. I often hear the laments of friends who, due to a visiting acquaintance or relation, have to rack their brains for a local vegan eatery that caters to vegan and omnivore alike. But fear not! Victoria is a town awash in vegan options! Many local restaurants serve up at least a couple of vegan friendly meals, and more often than not will happily make substitutions to turn a veggie meal vegan. Heres a list of my favourite restaurants to grab a vegan friendly meal.


Breakfast: Ingredients Cafe and Community Market

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While there are plenty of great breakfast places with vegan choices, no menu is more extensive than Ingredients Cafe and Community Market (formally Ingredients and Apple Cafe). All of the classic breakfast items, including the Farmhouse Breakfast ($12), Breakfast Sandwich ($10), Granola ($8), and Breakfast Rice Bowl ($13) can be made vegan for no extra charge. And best of all, come Saturday and Sunday, they serve up Vegan Eggs Benedict. Vegan lunches and treats are also available.


Ingredients Cafe and Community Market

Address: 2031 Store Street V8T 5L9

Phone Number: 250-590-6177


Twitter: @ingredientsinfo

Facebook: IngredientsHealthFood


Coffee Break: Wild Fire Organic Bakery


Most bakeries in town have a couple of vegan goodies, but if you’re tired of the limited selection of vegan brownies and oatmeal cookies, Wild Fire Bakery is the place for you. Providing several vegan muffins (Banana Hazelnut and Blueberry Ginger $3.00 each), a selection of cookies such as the Ginger Spice ($1.25) and Pumpkin Seed Anise ($1.25), and the decedent Vegan Chocolate Cake ($3.25), Wild Fire is a vegan dessert paradise. Vegan lunches and bread are also available.


Wild Fire Organic Bakery

Address: 1517 Quadra Street V8W 2L3

Phone Number: 250-381-3473


Instagram: @wildfirebakery

Facebook: WildFireBakery


Lunch: Lotus Pond Vegetarian Restaurant


There aren’t many places in town where you can eat from an entirely Buddhist or vegan menu, let alone both. Lotus Pond offers an array of all-vegan Chinese dishes such as Wonton or Sweet and Sour Soup, Deluxe Combo Dishes ($19.95), and a fully stocked Buffet (sold by weight).  Turnip Cakes, Spring Rolls, and Pot Stickers are just a few of the Lotus Pond’s staple crowd pleasers. Vegan dinner and dessert are also available.

Lotus Pond Vegetarian Restaurant

Address: 617 Johnson Street V8W 3C6

Phone Number: 250-380-9293

Facebook: Lotuspondvegetarian


Casual Dinner: Blue Nile


A taste of East Africa located in Esquimalt; Blue Nile offers plenty of flavourful vegan dishes and meat dishes alike. One can choose from a selection of vegan dishes from the buffet ($14.95), or enjoy vegetarian menu items (all of which are vegan) including the Vegetarian Combo (a mix of lentils, cabbage, and vegetables $10.95), Bursen Tumtumo ($10.95), Ater Tumtumo ($10.95), and Hamli Zebhi ($10.95).


Blue Nile Restaurant

Address: 612 Head Street V9A 5S8

Phone Number: 250-475-6453




Fine Dinner: be love


Providing Victoria with sustainable, organic, and seasonal meals, Be Love is the place to go for vegan fine dining. Offering an all-vegetarian and seasonal menu (not all vegan, as some items contain honey) dinners can delight in Wild Nettle Lasagna ($20), black bean Empanadas ($20), or Love Pad Thai ($15). Not to be missed is the extensive list of creative cocktails! Vegan breakfast, lunch, and dessert are also available.


be love Restaurant

Address: 1019 Blanshard Street V8W 2H4

Phone Number: 778-422-7181


Facebook: beloverestaurant



Looking for Vegan & Veggie restaurants in other towns? Try the Happy Cow (http://www.happycow.net/) database.


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