Deinhard Sparkling Diamant

$4.25 – $4.75 for 200ml

Sure to be a hit at holiday parties, these cutie little single serving (who are they kidding?  Pass me a case!) sparklers come in a 200ml aluminum bottle-can. Optimal for chilling quickly, packing in a purse, and of course, recycling, these distinctively packaged wines are designed for the ice bucket at your next soiree.  The 100% Riesling, slightly effervescent sipper has fresh, large bubbles and flavours of crisp green apple and sweet candied peach.  It finishes off-dry – and quickly – and is just plain fun to drink, especially when wearing a holiday sweater and munching on roasted nuts.  Nothing serious here – but who wants a serious party anyway? **


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Treve Ring is a wine writer, editor, judge, consultant and certified sommelier, and has been with EAT Magazine for over a decade.\r\n\r\nIn addition to her work with EAT, she is a Wine Critic and National Judge for ...

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