DIY Summer Cocktail: Tim Siebert’s Patio Party

Photo: Tim Siebert, bartender at Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub & Guesthouses


Should I say it? Dare I say it? I’m saying it. Summer has finally arrived in Victoria.

Complain as we do about the season’s brevity and notorious unpredictability, summertime in Victoria is truly something to be relished. At any given location in the city, you’re 15 minutes – tops – from a beach. Rivers, lakes, potholes, seaside, we’ve got it all, with plenty of well-situated patios to boot. And, every place that isn’t the beach is green, green, green––we can thank The Rains for that.

Another great thing about summer here: you don’t have to be a hard core foodie to get excited about the local produce. Fresh fruit and vegetables appear, easing their way into the seasonal farmers’ markets and eventually spilling over into the conventional grocery stores. It’s easy cooking season!

Contemplating warm weather, beaches, barbecues, and patios, my thoughts naturally meander their way to the bar. All that’s missing in this sun-drenched scenario is an ice cold drink. I asked Tim Siebert, daytime bartender at Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub (which happens to boast one of the finest patios in town) what he likes to drink on warm summer days. Inspired by the classic centuries-old Pimm’s Pitcher, which he first learned to make while tending bar in the UK, Siebert mixed me up his own twist on this refreshing cocktail that’s perfect for a backyard party or lazy afternoon on a patio. Speaking of lazy, if you like the sound of this drink but don’t want to make it yourself, a variation of the recipe below will be on the Spinnakers menu for the month of August.

The Tim’s Pimm’s Patio Party (as I named it, shortly after downing a tall glass) is easy to make and even easier to drink, and adapts finely to countless variations. Mix it up as per the directions below, or tweak the ingredients a bit to suit your tastes/what you picked up in the market/pulled from your garden that week. Above all, enjoy! This Patio Party pairs best with good company and a great view.


Tim’s Pimm’s Patio Party

by Tim Siebert, Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub

Serves 5


-60 oz glass pitcher, half full of ice

-6 oz Pimm’s No. 1 Cup

-1/4 cucumber, sliced thickly

-1 orange, sliced into 4 rounds

-10-12 local strawberries, hulled

-1 handful of mint leaves

-Sprite or sparkling water, depending on how sweet you want it

-Sparkling wine to finish

-Extra fruit & cucumber to garnish



Begin by pouring the Pimm’s into the pitcher over the ice; then add the cucumbers and fruit. Gather the mint leaves into your palm and give them a firm slap with your other hand to release the scent; add them to the pitcher. Fill the rest of the pitcher with Sprite; stir with a wooden spoon to combine everything.

To serve, pour into tall glasses, scooping a bit of fruit and mint into each. Finish with a splash of sparkling wine and garnish with fruit and a straw. Cheers!


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