Earth to Table: Rosetta Soapstone Kitchenware

A selection of soapstone cookware. Photos courtesy of Rosetta Soapstone Kitchenware

As sustainability becomes increasingly important to consumers, so does the search for long-lasting items to bring into our kitchens that satisfy our needs for both nourishment and functionality. Enter Rosetta Soapstone Kitchenware, a collection of energy-efficient soapstone pots, pans and roasting stones that have been used for thousands of years in South America and are gaining notice north of the equator.


“The pots started the company,” explains Constanza Gil, owner of Duncan-based Rosetta Soapstone Kitchenware. “All I did was fall in love with the cookware and its country of origin”. Soapstone carving has been practiced for centuries in South America, particularly around the state of Minas Gerais where the soapstone is mined from ‘mountains’ of the metamorphic rock. Today, Gil imports the hand carved cookware directly from a handful of Brazilian families and sells them in her store as well as through her company’s website.


The hand-carved, copper-handled cookware is built to last; take care of your saucepan and it will last a lifetime. Once cured , the stoneware resists sticking without any of the health and environmental concerns associated with commercial coatings. The Rosetta Soapstone website explains the pots help to reduce energy consumption as they retain their heat about twice as long as conventional cookware. They can be used both on the stovetop (unless it’s induction) and in the oven.


The current Rosetta Soapstone collection includes four differently sized round saucepans (with lids) and lidless frying pans, three sizes of Pizza/Fajita/Crepe pans, and two sizes of Roasting Stones for meats and vegetables. As with other materials like cast iron, Rosetta Soapstone cookware must be cured with oil before use to ensure longevity and create a stick-resistant surface. This involves washing and oiling the entire piece, then heating it slightly in the oven so that the oil penetrates throughout the pores. After curing, the cookware is ready for a long and happy life in your kitchen – just make sure to add a few drops of oil after each wash.


Rosetta Soapstone Cookware is currently available on Vancouver Island at:


Ingredients Health Food and Apple Cafe

2031 Store Street

Victoria, BC

(250) 590-6177


The Community Farm Store

101-330 Duncan St., Duncan, BC

(250) 748-6227



Orders accepted by phone & email through Rosetta Soapstone Kitchenware website:




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