Extreme Hogfestation – Tourism Victoria Launches Ad in San Francisco & Seattle

Victoria, B.C. – Tourism Victoria announced this week a new campaign showcasing the destination to visitors in Vancouver, Seattle and for the first time directly targeting San Francisco. While previous campaigns had digital advertising in the California market, Victoria, Beyond Words will focus on the market with targeted media and trade activities.

“In 2014 we saw a 19.6 per cent increase in the California market,” says Paul Nursey, President & CEO. “We were the first ones to directly target Seattle four years ago and now that’s one of our top markets and our competition has followed suit.”

Victoria, Beyond Words is an innovative campaign using a specially created “local speak” to engage potential visitors through target-centric humour. From Splasherific Gawkerism for wildlife viewing to Extreme Hogfestation for culinary experiences to Conniferous Immersification for outdoor adventure, there’s an experience for all potential travellers in Victoria. The campaign also focuses on a new experience this year, Megatronic Playfullism, touching on the destination’s unique comic book, gaming and collectibles sub culture.

“As a region built on the imaginations of creative innovators, Victoria has a vibrant fan culture visitors can tap into,” says Trina Mousseau, Chief Marketing Officer. “This adds another dimension to our brand that will attract visitors from our major US source markets of San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.”


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