Fazi Battaglia Titulus Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico 2008

Marche, Italy
$14 – 17

Whoa hot. When the thermometer hits 30, I hit the chilled unoaked whites. Patios, breeze, crisp and refreshing glass = answer to BC’s heat wave. Drinking much Verdicchio lately?  You certainly should be. Verdicchio [vehr-DEEK-kyoh] is a white-wine grape grown mainly in Italy’s Marches region, where it has been cultivated since the fourteenth century. Verdicchio’s name is derived from verde (green), referring to the yellow-green skin of the grape, also contributing to the wines’ subtle greenish tone. The best known of the Verdicchio wines come from the DOC of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi.

Fazi Battaglia’s Verdicchio is easy to pick out – this family owned winery (headed by a mother and her daughters) bottles their wines in the unique amphora shape, harkening back to the shape of the vessels used for wine storage in antiquity. Light, fresh and clean, this is lip smacking lemon and mineral, with bitter almond, herbs and Granny Smith tart flavours and a crisp, elegant finish. Drink while young (the wine) and while hot (the weather).

This is bello with mussels or sardines dressed with lemon. Or partner with lightly dressed, summer veg tossed vegetarian pasta dishes.

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