Feys + Hobbs Catered Arts launches Number 3 Crisps

A new snack has arrived on the shelves of Victoria’s quality food shops––just in time for holiday season––in a stylish box that will fit into any modestly sized Christmas stocking.


Feys + Hobbs Catered Arts launched their Number 3 Crisps late last month, created by company founder and chef David Feys.  Handmade in small batches, the crisps come in two varieties: Peppered Wheat Free (which is also gluten free), and Sea Salt (harvested from Vancouver Island). Both were designed and seasoned to be a suitable accompaniment for either sweet or savoury toppings.


For last-minute entertaining ideas, serving suggestions are written on the back of each box. But the Number 3 Crisps aren’t just another vessel for delivering camembert to mouth.  They are surprisingly addictive on their own, especially considering they’re low in fat, cholesterol free, high in fibre, and vegan.


A word about the texture of the Number 3 Crisps; gone are the awkward moments at holiday parties spent reaching for the errant cracker crumb that fell into your decolletage. Owner David Feys promises the Crisps are “The perfect one-bite size… also toothsome enough to bite into without falling apart on your party dress or PJs”.  His statement was later tested by the writer on several occasions (throughout the same day, multiple garments, both flavours) and found to be very accurate indeed.

– By Deanna Ladret


The Number 3 Crisps are currently available at the Feys + Hobbs Boutique located at 636 Fort Street. They can also be found at The Whole Beast (2032 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria, BC) & Choux Choux Charcuterie (830 Fort Street  Victoria, BC). Website


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