First Look: 2% Jazz’s New Location

Inside the new 2% Jazz location inside the historic Hudson building. Photos by Ellie Shortt


There’s a feeling of openness when you walk into the new 2% Jazz location. In part, it’s the result of high ceilings revealing exposed pipes and other inner workings of the historic Hudson building. It’s also an openness of the friendly staff, two open doors bringing in fresh air and fresh clientele, and of course the open concept of the in-house coffee roaster – a defining and rather unique aspect of this new addition to the downtown Victoria coffee scene.


Sam Jones, Owner of 2% Jazz

This is technically the third location for 2% Jazz, a company that started 15 years ago in a particularly “open” environment as a simple stand in a parking lot beside the Times Colonist building. The kiosk was popular with area workers excited about obtaining quality coffee in this otherwise limited block, and grew in recognition after placing a spot in an adjacent building. After some time, owner Sam Jones decided to start roasting his own beans in what he refers to as a somewhat “sketchy” location in Langford, which he is pleased to say is no more.


Now, Sam roasts his beans in a conversely posh establishment, right inside his new shop in the historic Hudson. Sam shares that being able to have his roaster within the new location offers opportunities to save not only piece of mind, but also travel costs. It even adds to the lessening of 2% Jazz’s own environmental impact – something Sam says has always been an important element of the business.


The new location (which opened on May 7) continues a tradition of not using coffee sleeves and disposable stir sticks, as well as some serious incentives to bring reusable mugs (an Americano in your travel mug is only $2.00 versus $2.80). However, the roaster itself plays into 2% Jazz’s desire for increased environmental consciousness with the installation of the Mistbuster – a mechanism that uses a lot less gas and energy than a traditional afterburner. As far as Sam knows, this is unique to Victoria, and in fact rare in North America in general.


left: Coffee-flavoured cotton candy in a cup, one of many exciting new creations at 2% Jazz. right: Foie gras ice cream affogato

Another rare element Sam will be bringing into to 2% Jazz’s new location is yet another concept of openness – this time towards community activity. Sam already keeps the Hudson location doors open late, and will soon be introducing games and movie nights. “I want to make this space a part of the Hudson community – a space for people to come and enjoy,” Sam says. “It’s a way I can support downtown business development by encouraging casual evening activities.”


Other future plans involve an increased involvement in bean sourcing, whereby Sam will personally make trips to the countries that in fact grow the beans. This is an aspect of transparency that Sam has already established with his open-concept roaster and overall interactions with his customers. “It’s not just about getting your morning cup of Joe,” Sam argues. “Coffee culture involves international trade, economics, environmental issues and ethical considerations.” All things Sam says are important to his growing business, and an conversation he likes to maintain with his patrons, who he says are exited about the new location.


“I had no idea how many people wanted to try my coffee but hadn’t because the other location wasn’t in a convenient spot for them” admits Sam.  “I’m so happy to be in this extraordinary building, a part of this up-and-coming community, and sharing my products with some long-time regulars as well as an expanding clientele.” Said products include such innovations as a fois gras ice cream affogato, and a pending new development that will somehow incorporate coffee-flavoured cotton candy.


If you’re like to check out these innovative features, as well as the new 2% Jazz location in general, Sam Jones opens his doors on the Fisgard side of the Hudson building from 6:30am to 10:00pm Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 10:00pm on Saturdays, and 8:00am to 6:00pm on Sundays.


2% Jazz, Hudson Building 770 Fisgard Street, Victoria, BC (250) 384-5282




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