First Look: Argyle Attic

Left: Mini Burgers by Chef Chad Klassen of Argyle Attic and Smiths Pub. Right: Argyle Attic interior Photo: Deanna Ladret


Fireplace, couches, old photos, Hudson Bay Company blanket, maybe a pair of antlers and a worn-out sled. Sound like you’re at your grandparents cabin in Lake Louise? Maybe, but can Granny and Gramps make Curried Gravy Smoked Meat Poutine as well as Victoria chef Chad Klassen? Probably not. And wouldn’t you rather watch Breaking Bad on the TV than reruns of The Lawrence Welk Show? Well, good news: you can now enjoy all of these pleasures in one place at the newly minted Argyle Attic.

Located at 777 Courtney Street (within the same building as the Quality Inn Downtown and Smiths Pub), Argyle Attic is downtown Victoria’s answer to the Canadiana chalet getaway––except you can’t sleep there, although there is a hotel on the premises. Open for breakfast and lunch, then reopening for dinner and late night, the Argyle Attic works both as a start-the-day-right eatery and evening hang-out, with memorable style sans pretension.

Left: Great pieces to enjoy viewing. Right: Argyle Attic's interior fireplace Photo: Deanna Ladret

At the moment, Argyle Attic has its own unique breakfast menu, but shares its lunch and dinner offerings with Smiths (the kitchen serves both locations). Despite their close relationship, the atmosphere between Smiths and Argyle Attic is distinctly (and delightfully) different. Whereas Smiths is synonymous with loud music, pints, and a healthy dose of brouhaha, Argyle Attic offers a low key, relaxed vibe – the kind of place to converse over a casual meal and a few nice cocktails.

“You could totally have your book club here,” says General Manager Andrew Elliott, who also runs Smiths Pub.

Besides the clever and laid-back decor, another notable feature is Argyle Attic’s extensive and decently priced whisky menu, including selections from Canada, the USA, India, Japan, Scotland, and Ireland, all with detailed tasting notes. All in all, the place is in one word, satisfying. From the well-rounded menu to the vast and intriguing collection of whiskies, this quirky comfort joint is definitely worth a visit.


Hours: Open 7 days a week; breakfast from 7am-11am, lunch beginning in October from 11am, dinner from 5pm-10pm Sunday/11pm Monday-Thursday/12am Friday & Saturday.


Argyle Attic | 777 Courtney Street | Victoria, BC | (250) 360.2544 | Website



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