First Look: Cloud 9 Specialty Bakery


Ray Porcellato, co-owner of Cloud 9 Specialty Bakery in New Westminster, didn’t grow up in today’s gluten-free world. Home baking was done the old-fashioned way by mom (and co-owner) Pixie, and gluten-free wasn’t even a buzzword. But, everything was delicious. Fast forward a few decades, and while the demands of the celiac-ridden and diet-driven has spawned many providers, Porcellato still didn’t find it tasted as good as what he grew up with.


Thus was Cloud 9 born. The idea was simple. Porcellato, in partnership with his mom, created a “flour” (technically labelled as a baking mix due to Health Canada regulations) made from multiple gluten-free grains. The result is a product that is designed to work like regular flour, and is the basis for all of the bakery’s custom treats.


A sampling of various items like peanut butter cupcakes with fanciful bee decorations, soft and chewy chocolate cookies, brownies and a truly outstanding banana bread all revealed similar results: lots of moist, flavourful, not-too-sweet goodies. The only (non) discernible difference between these and traditional recipes was the complete absence of gluten.


The bakery also sells cakes, breads, confections (the marshmallows are outstanding) as well as ready-to-make mixes of their brownies and cookies, and, of course, the famous “flour”. For those too busy to contemplate pancakes from scratch, there’s an all-purpose batter, also good for waffles, etc.


The store is a few minutes’ away from New Westminster’s burgeoning waterfront district and is worth a visit just to enjoy the bright, boutique space—as well as the brownies, of course.


1025 Royal Ave, New Westminster | 604.249.5000 |

Open Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-6pm


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