First Look: The Clay Pigeon

Victoria can welcome another exciting new eatery to the downtown food scene. The Clay Pigeon, situated within Blanshard Street’s foodie strip (Broughton to Pandora), opened two weeks ago to a much-anticipated reception.

Photo above: Morgan Hradecky, Genevieve Laplante, Jeffrey Weatherhead. Photos by Deanna Ladret 

The small but roomy café centres around a well-stocked bar with 3 beers and Prosecco on tap. Behind the bar in the kitchen, executive chef Genevieve Laplante – previously of Sips Artisan Bistro – cooks up more of her brilliantly unfussy cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Devilled egg sandwich with kale salad


“Comfort classics” were the inspiration behind the menu, conceptualized by owners Jeffrey Weatherhead, Morgan Hradecky, and Jennifer Hobbins and re-interpreted by Laplante. There are a few international tributes, like the Czech knedliky, a nod to Hradecky’s homeland, and classics like the Reuben sandwich but made with house-corned bison tongue. “We wanted playful, not pretentious”, explains Hradecky, noting their revival of what he calls “80’s classics” such as devilled eggs and escargot. Oh, and don’t miss the Kale Caesar salad. Vegetable haters will surely find themselves converted; among her many other talents, Laplante has actually found a way to make a raw kale salad that appeals to a fussy 2 year old’s palate. That’s some serious skill.


Big one-bowl breakfasts like ratatouille, beans and lardons, and braised beef are served with two poached eggs on top and focaccia toast, with the option to add housemade sausage or maple bacon. All meats come from Two Rivers Specialty Meats, and eggs from Farmer Ben’s in Duncan.


Zucchini carpaccio

Besides the unique menu items and convenient location, the reasonable prices make The Clay Pigeon all the more delightful. Many items, like the sandwiches, are offered a la carte with the option of sides for an extra charge, making an affordable takeaway lunch for as little as $7. In fact, the priciest item on the dinner menu is a flatiron steak with caramelized onion tart, blue cheese, and broccoli for $19.


So what’s the meaning behind the name? “It’s pretty much meaningless,” says Hradecky. “I like ambiguity, and for some reason the words The Clay Pigeon had a nice ring to them…then we realized that the anagram T.C.P. can also stand for Taking Care of People, so that’s kind of become our mission slogan”.



The Clay Pigeon

1002 Blanshard Street


(250) 590-6657

Website coming very soon







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