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photo: Pho Ga at Pho Vuong – credit: Rebecca Baugniet

It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but it’s true. Up until this week, I was a Pho virgin. I’ve been aware of this food for a while – seen the tweets, heard friends saying how they were “addicted to Pho”, and nodded vaguely in response, not quite sure exactly what might be implied by a Pho addiction. And yet, the curiosity did not propel me into action, the way it usually does when I hear about some new and delicious food. This week however, after reading Elizabeth Smyth’s report on Pho-Ever (in the November/December issue of EAT, of course), I thought to myself, “it’s really high time I went out and tried some Pho”. Then I heard about Pho Vuong, a restaurant on Fisgard that opened last March, and I decided this would be the place to make the discovery.

As I approached the entrance, I pondered my reluctance to overcome my ignorance in the face of this Vietnamese specialty. I love trying new foods, and there is very little that I won’t eat. I am the opposite of a picky eater; in fact, as I go further down the path of a career in food writing, it often strikes me that I am perhaps not quite discerning enough. So what was it that had kept me away from Pho for so long?

Situated where the Magnolia Bakery formerly operated, two doors down from a Noodle Box location, Pho Vuong is definitely doing all they can to welcome new customers. The boards outside the door boast 20% off total bill before 3 pm, 1 hour free parking in the adjacent parkade and free Pho for children under five on the weekend. Once seated in the elegant but welcoming dining room of the restaurant, I decided to come forward with my inexperience immediately, as the waitress was friendly and eager to answer questions. I opted for the shrimp and pork salad roll with peanut dipping sauce to start, and a bowl of the recommended Pho Ga, (chicken Pho). The restaurant introduced a new menu with over sixty items in September, so I was happy for a little guidance. The food came quickly and made for a nice study in contrasts – the salad roll fresh and crunchy followed by the soup; a generous bowl, warm and savoury with strips of chicken and pieces of chicken meatball, green onions and rice noodles.

While I struggled to gather up the slippery noodles with my chopsticks the reason for my hesitation became obvious to me; I like to look like I know what I’m doing, and when it comes to chopsticks, I am clearly still a novice. I can handle veggies and rice, but long slippery noodles in a large bowl of aromatic broth provided a somewhat frustrating challenge to my inexperienced hand. I couldn’t get it into my mouth fast enough. Also, I was raised to view good table manners as paramount, and my attempts to get more than one noodle into my mouth at a time were anything but refined. Fortunately, the kind waitress walked by and did not laugh at me when I requested a fork. Even better, Pho Vuong has just partnered with Dine In, so I can gain some practice in the privacy of my own home. I’m going to try the Bun Mang Vit (duck and bamboo vermicelli) next. I think I’ll be a Pho pro in no time.

To view Pho Vuong’s menu, visit their Facebook page.

Pho Vuong

622 Fisgard St.


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