FOOD & the CITY: Urban Agriculture & the New Food Revolution

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Sunday, April 22

Earth Day!



Banyen Books

3608 West 4th Ave., Vancouver, BC



Food & the City examines alternative food systems in cities around the globe that are shortening their food chains, growing food within their city limits, and taking their “food security” into their own hands. Award-winning food journalist Jennifer Cockrall-King sought out leaders in the urban-agriculture movement and visited cities successfully dealing with “food deserts.” What she found was not just a niche concern of activists but a global movement that cuts across the private and public spheres, economic classes, and cultures. She describes a global movement to establish alternatives to the monolithic globally integrated supermarket model.

A cadre of forward-looking, innovative people has created growing spaces in cities: on rooftops, backyards, vacant lots, along roadways, and even in “vertical farms.” The urban food revolution is clearly underway and working.

Food and the City is an exciting, fascinating chronicle of a game-changing movement, a rebellion against the industrial food behemoth, and a reclaiming of communities to grow, distribute, and eat locally.

Jennifer Cockrall-King is a freelance journalist and food writer whose work has appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times, National Post, Canadian Geographic, Maclean’s, and other major publications. 
In 2007, Jennifer was awarded the Canadian Federation of Chefs and Cook’s Sandy Sanderson national food writing award for her contribution to the Canadian food media scene. Jennifer’s new book Food and the City won the 2011 Dave Greber Freelance Book Award, a Canadian national award that recognizes excellence in social justice writing.

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