Geo Wines Chono Reserva Syrah 2009

Geo Wines
Chono Reserva Syrah 2009
Elqui Valley, Chile
$18-22 + +854604   available at select private liquor retailers

The Chileans are coming!

The Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival kicks off in three weeks (21 sleeps!) and the Chileans are coming. Not just any random Chilean, mind, but the rock stars of Chile’s wine industry, and their cutting edge wines, modern methodology and vibrant personalities. One such star is Alvaro Espinoza, a sought after enologist and winemaker, who along with partner Juan Carlos Faúndez, owns and oversees the Chono micro-estates line. The newest venture for Alvaro is Geo Wines, a portfolio of high quality, unique and individual wines from across Chile’s most exciting terroirs.The Chono range of five Reserve wines are handpicked from Elqui valley, Maipo valley, Colchagua and Bio Bio, and produced only in very limited volumes.

These Syrah grapes (plus 15% Sangiovese) come from the striking semi-arid desert landscape of the Elqui Valley [ELL-key], in one of Chile’s most northerly quality wine regions. This region draws travellers looking for enlightenment and spiritual answers; when the Earth’s magnetic forces were measured by satellite in 1982 it was found that the greatest point of energy was located in the Elqui Valley, and reports say it is the brightest and clearest region in the world.  The stony, windy slopes of this high altitude site yield grapes of rich color, alluring spice and refined fruit. Sweet mulberry, medicinal black cherry, lightly smoked tea, cured meat and cassis are wrapped round and silky smooth, with supple tannins and white pepper on the lingering finish. Reminiscent of Northern Rhone Syrah in style, at a fraction of the price ($20!!). Pour with grilled sausage, or salted and herbed red meats. Chono wines will be poured at Playhouse, where Alvaro Espinoza will be a welcomed guest.

*The Next Star Grape: Syrah is a seminar offering at this year’s Playhouse, and this wine will be part of the line-up. Book your ticket here.
“With its diversity of climates, Chile is able to produce some fantastic examples of Syrah from big, lusty, juicy delights from warmer climates to cooler climates where the wines turn sublimely spicy and complex. Rhys Pender MW and DJ Kearney will lead participants on a journey through some stunning examples of Chilean Sryah – will it be Chile’s next star?”

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The Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival  is one of North America’s largest and greatest celebrations of wine. This year from February 27 to March 4, the theme country is Chile and the focus is Cabernet(s). EAT will be on site for the whole week, with daily posts, DRINKs, tweets and updates live from the festival.

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