Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau 2009

Beaujolias, Burgundy, France

Beaujolias Nouveau is always released worldwide on the third Thursday of November.  This seemingly strange ritual began over a century ago as a way for the French to have instant wines to celebrate the holidays with vineyard workers and their families – and to thank them for the recent harvest.  Unlike the vast majority of red wines, which take months from picking to completion, Beaujolais Nouveau uses carbonic maceration, resulting in fast, drinkable wine within weeks.  The grapes are always 100% Gamay, and though each vintage is different (the 2009 is said to be the finest in the past 50 years), the finished wine is always a light bodied, very fruity and fun, non-serious sipper.

The same goes for this year.  And this wine, by ‘The King of Beaujolais’ Duboeuf is exactly what one would expect.  The biggest surprise from Georges Duboeuf is what new label he is going to select for each Nouveau vintage.  Light hued and bodied, with candied gummy fruit aromas and crisp flavours of cherry, violets, dry raspberry and cinnamon.  Best drunk slightly chilled – an ideal accompaniment to a turkey-cran sandwich or as a pick me up after holiday shopping.

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