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Welcome to EAT’s new “Good-For-You Grocery Finds” page! As the magazine’s Good-for-you columnist I will reveal some of my favorite, über healthy and delicious grocery finds with each post. In addition, and I’m sure this is a feature you fellow foodies will love, there will be a giveaway with every new post—a chance for one lucky reader to win some yummy treats! Here at EAT we’d love to hear about some of YOUR favorite nutritious finds—so don’t be shy about getting in touch and letting us know what good-for-you goodies you adore. Ok, with no further ado, here’s my debut picks!!

Amy’s low-sodium Organic Lentil Soup

Anny's PicIs there anything more comforting during these bleak winter months than cozying up to a steaming bowl of soup? I can hear an affirmative chorus of “NOPE there isn’t!” Truth is, while I love the stuff I (sigh) always seem to be too busy during the holiday season to make my own and I’m loathe to buy the sodium and preservative laden cans of soup that crowd supermarket shelves. That’s why im over the moon about my latest discovery –Amy’s low sodium Organic Lentil soup! This stuff is brimming with heart-healthy lentils—a legume that is chock-full of fiber and bio-active phytochemicals that can help prevent cancer. While that’s dang impressive, what’s really got me swooning is its taste—it’s utterly DELISH! Up your “comfort” factor this month and get yourself a (BPA free!) can—you’ll thank moi—I am absolutely certain. (Available at Mother Nature’s Market and Lifestyle Markets)


One Degree Organics Ancient Maize Flakes

One Degree PicI’m always looking for new ways to “break the fast” but i’ve been reluctant to fill my morning bowl with dry cereal because the majority of dry cereals, even some touted as “healthy”, like Kashi, contain genetically modified ingredients. Also, the process used to turn grains into crispy flakes and o’s involves using extremely high baking temperatures that produce some rather funky, not good-for-you byproducts. If you fellow nutritious noshers have felt the same way—I’ve got good news—the folks at BC’s own One Degree Organics have come to our rescue! Every grain used in their line of cereals is certified organic, non-genetically modified, and sprouted before they are stone-milled and baked at low temperatures. Sprouted grains contain higher levels of protein, vitamins and minerals and are easier to digest than non-sprouted grains. What’s more—sprouting enhances the TASTE of grains—it brings out their inherent nutty sweet flavour. That was evident when I tried their Ancient Maize Flakes, a gluten-free, crispy blend of ancient heirloom corn, buckwheat and amaranth, lightly sweetened with organic coconut palm sugar. This über healthy cereal was so scrumptious and soul-satisfying I may just become a boxed cereal convert!  (Available at Thrifty’s, Market on Yates & Millstream, Lifestyle Markets)


Cloverleaf Brisling Sardines

Cloverleaf PicSardines—people either love them or hate them. If you steadfastly insist you’re in the latter camp, I’d wager a bet that you’ve never tried Brisling sardines. Brisling sardines live in cold, clear, Nordic seas and possess some unique health-enhancing properties, as well as a distinct smoky flavor that is all their own. Deemed the “best tasting sardine” by food connoisseurs around the globe, these tiny bite size sardines are teeming with nutrients—chief among them the Omega-3 fatty acids that have been shown to reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes and more. In addition, unlike other fish, these diminutive swimmers are really low in mercury so you can devour them with impunity on a regular basis. (I certainly do since discovering their wonders!) In fact one of my favorite things in the world is Brislings poised upon well buttered Ryevita—a treat that is simply sublime. While they are somewhat more expensive than other sardines, one bite will convince you they are worth every last penny and vastly different from any sardine you’ve ever eaten before. (Available at Thrifty’s, Save-On Foods, & Oxford Foods)


Progressive Organic Vanilla Whey Protein

Progressice PicTis the season for carb indulging. Let’s face it—even the “cleanest” of eaters can’t resist the appealing allure of holiday fare—shortbread, mince tarts, cocktails. So what’s a health-conscious foodie to do? The key to staying healthy at this time of year isn’t to be abstemious and miss out on all the festivities —it’s to balance things up with some good strategies, like ensuring you’re getting enough protein. Fueling your body with a good protein packed smoothie before you head for the cocktail party will keep your blood sugar levels even and make you feel satiated so you’re less likely to over indulge on all the sweet nibbles! Ive recently started adding Progressive’s Organic Vanilla Whey Protein to my smoothies and I adore it. It’s a whey concentrate derived from organic grass-fed milk flavored with scrumptious, natural vanilla flavour, and a hint of stevia. It is NOT overly sweet like some flavored protein powders, nor does it have the “gritty ” consistency many of these powders possess. My favorite, and I must say, rather “seasonal” way to enjoy it, is to mix a scoop with some honey Greek yogurt and top it with mandarin sections and toasted walnuts. Can we all say YUM?! If you want to try this heavenly, concoction yourself, you can pick up some Progressive Organic Whey Protein at Lifestyle Markets or the Vitamin Shop.


Thanks to the generosity of One Degree Organics, and Cloverleaf we’re giving one lucky reader a chance to win a box of One Degree Organic’s Ancient Maize Flakes and a coupon for a tin of Cloverleaf Brisling Sardines. To enter to win simply…

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