GOOD FOR YOU REVIEW: Isola Bio’s “millet-milk”

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Despite the ads claiming, “milk does a body good,” record numbers of people are choosing to eliminate milk from their diets. Why, you ask?  According to the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation, over 7 million Canadians are affected by lactose intolerance—the inability to digest lactase, the principal sugar found in milk.  Added to their ranks are people allergic to the proteins in milk, vegans, committed environmentalists alarmed by the dairy industry’s contribution to pollution, and folks simply trying to reduce their saturated fat intake. This tidal wave of milk-avoiders— all with valid and compelling reasons for avoiding moo-juice—has resulted in a prolific response from the food industry.


Indeed, there is now a plethora of “milk-substitutes” on the market. Rice milk, soymilk, almond milk and coconut milk have thus far dominated this rapidly expanding niche category. While I personally have not eliminated milk from my diet, I have tried all but one of the latter replacements for milk.  (Almond milk is a no-no as I’m allergic to the sweet nut!)  Unfortunately, I must report keen disappointment—I found rice milk decidedly bland and watery, soymilk too “beany” and coconut milk rather cloying.


Just when I was beginning to despair that, I would ever find a truly palatable substitute for milk, I was advised by a savvy vegan pal to try Isola Bio’s “millet-milk”.


Isola Bio is an innovative Italian company that produces a unique line of organic, gluten-free grain-based “milks”.  The line boasts a nutritious line-up of bevies that includes millet milk, buckwheat milk, chocolate quinoa milk, hazelnut rice milk, coconut rice milk and more. Trusting my friend’s judgement, I decided to give the millet milk a whirl. Upon tasting it my first thought was “God bless those Italians; they REALLY DO have a way with food!”  Yes, it was surprisingly delicious. Though it contains only 4 simple organic ingredients—millet, water, sunflower oil and sea salt—it has a robustly sweet flavour that both charms and surprises. In addition to gulping it down straight from the carton, I tried it heated with some cocoa powder and honey for a “choco-licious” treat, and even created a superb vegan-eggnog with it!  I also used it—with great success—to replace milk in my favourite banana pancake recipe.


If that doesn’t impress you—consider this—millet milk, aside from being tasty, is also easy to digest and extremely nutritious. Millet, an ancient “pseudo-grain” (in truth it is a seed)  is an excellent source of many health-enhancing nutrients including magnesium, niacin, thiamine, phosphorous, zinc, copper and the antioxidant carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin. Not surprisingly, studies have shown adding millet to the diet can help raise good HDL cholesterol levels, reduce insulin sensitivity in diabetics and help to stabilize blood glucose levels.

That is why, whether you’re among the growing legion of people saying NO to cow’s milk—or just someone looking for a refreshing, nutritious beverage, I highly recommend you give millet milk a try. After all, it is quite clear—millet-milk really does do a body good!  I most certainly will be restocking my refrigerator with another carton and I cannot wait to try the rest of Isola Bio’s unique product line. (Note—the line is brand new to Canada and is currently only available at select stores)


Available in Victoria @ Mother Nature’s Market, 240 Cook St.

On the mainland  @ Wellspring Health, 1248 56th St. Tsawwassen

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