Gourmet Backpacking: Return to Vancouver

I was so happy to arrive home in Vancouver that not even the chilly, damp air and grumpy grey sky could but a damper on my mood. I had missed the familiarity of my city. Sure, it lacked the old-world charm of the European cities I visited, but as I glanced at the modern skyline set against the bold, black mountains I couldn’t help but feel so fortunate to have such a beautiful city to call home.

I often hear people say they experience a sort of depression upon returning home from an incredible vacation. What I felt, however, was quite the opposite of the post-travel blahs. I was inspired and exhilarated by what I had seen, tasted and learned on my journey.

What excited me more than any spectacular meal I had on my trip were the attitudes and customs surrounding food. People savour food, they appreciate food, and they are incredibly connected to where their food comes from.


Locals in each country we visited expressed an infectious passion and pride for their regional cuisine, and I caught the bug. Since being back I have become much more active in British Columbia’s local food movement. I now buy my milk from a little dairy farm in Chilliwack, I visit the farmers’ market religiously, and I check out local restaurants regularly.

The spirit of travel – visiting markets, sampling local delicacies and exploring a region’s food culture – has not left me. I must say, I am quite happy exploring the food culture from my own home, sans backpack.


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