Grads Learn to Feed Themselves at The London Chef

Left: Emma Ronning and Connor Eden learn from Chef Dan Hayes, Right: Chef Iain Rennie with Joe Furness and Harrison Duncan

As grade twelve students prepare for final exams and graduation celebrations, they also start, with quiet apprehension, to transition into a life of greater independence, both financial and physical. Amidst all of the excitement of graduation, the list of “need to knows” and the list of “will figure it out” are being reviewed by both parents and students, and cooking and feeding themselves seems to be one of those things that is on the “will figure it out” list for the students, and on the “need to know” list for the parents.

Last week a group of 2011 SMUS graduates gathered at The London Chef cooking school where Dan Hayes, proprietor, and guest chef Iain Rennie (executive Chef for the Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort and Spa) taught them how to break down an affordable ingredient – the broiler chicken, and make four different meals with it. United in their passion for cooking, Chef Hayes and Chef Rennie both bring their distinctive teaching styles to the kitchen, ensuring that the students came away from the hour-long session with a handful of new skills that will assist them as they begin to find their own ways in the kitchen. “everyone – no matter what age – should know the basics of how to feed their body in a healthy way and within their financial means,” said Chef Hayes.

Guest chef Rennie, who will be a featured Chef at the cooking school over the coming months, is keen to come out of his kitchen. “This is also a great opportunity for me to engage directly with people who are interested to learn more about what is behind the meal(…) Quality food selection and preparation is my craft and my passion, however I rarely have the opportunity to share my knowledge and my creativity directly with my guests.”

Contact Dan and Micayla Hayes at The London Chef for information on their cooking classes geared towards recent graduates.

To try one of the recipes from this class, click here.

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