An Expedition to the Land of Great Northern Cocktails

Shawn Soole’s latest book swings open the doors to the world of Canadian cocktails

CHIPPENHAM, UK, 20 September 2019—Hidden in the vast northern reaches of North America, Canadian bartenders have been shaking, stirring, building, and throwing some of the finest drinks the world has ever savoured. Yes, there’s more to Canada’s mixed drink repertoire that its national beverage, the Bloody Caesar! Victoria barman and author Shawn Soole proudly presents the people and drinks that introduce readers to this widening scope of concepts and concoctions in Great Northern Cocktails.

“Canada has always been that big, snow-covered country to the north of the United States where people live in igloos and ride moose to school,” Soole remarks. “Obviously, this is an exaggeration on Canadian stereotypes but our culture, climate, and people are some of the most diverse in the world. Canada is rich in world cultures and in the last ten to fifteen years has slowly and apologetically become a cocktail culture powerhouse.”

With over 140+ drink recipes plus syrup, tincture, and infusion formulae, Soole introduces veteran and new Canadian drink talents who preside in the nation’s bars from Vancouver Island to Nova Scotia and their recipes, along with bartending tips, a range of easy-to-follow homemade ingredients, and a glossary so even novice mixers can follow along.

About Shawn Soole:

Shawn Soole’s experience and advancement of the bar industry have been prolific. He co-authored the 2013 book Cocktail Culture and provides ongoing contributions to publications including and EAT Magazine. He has increased public awareness of spirits produced in British Columbia and continues to advocate his mission ‘to make the industry better for everyone’ through his Post Shiftpodcast. His input has been vital to the launch and/or ongoing success of numerous bar and beverage programs. Shawn founded Soole Hospitality Concepts (SHC)—a network of industry leaders with decades of multi-faceted experience. Together they provide innovative responses to all the needs of hospitality-oriented businesses. His latest undertaking is the conceptual development, systems implementation, and launch guidance for Miss Fitz and Roxy, two bars under the SOS Group banner in Singapore.

About Mixellany:

Established in 2007 with the reprint of classic cocktail books such as Bariana and The Café Royal Cocktail Book, Mixellany Limited publishes original written works of classic cocktail and distillation scholarship, including the award-winning two-volume historySpirituous Journey: A History of Drink and Mixologist: The Journal of the American Cocktail.



by Shawn Soole

Publication Date: 1 October 2019

Publisher: Mixellany Limited (

Price:    (hardcover, list) $45.95US / $59.95 CAD / £36.95UK / $66.95AU/ €40.95EU

ISBN: (hardcover) 978-1-907434-53-2

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