Hailey Pasemko’s Burnt Schramm Gin Martini

“Hailey Pasemko, Commander and Chief of Beverage for Whistler’s Nita Lake Lodge, created this cocktail to pair with chef Tim Cuff’s (Aura) Gold Medal Plates competition dish.

Hailey Pasemko

Bringing with her a true passion for the art of cocktail and for fresh ingredients, Hailey Pasemko has carried her talents to the Nita Lake Lodge as Commander and Chief of Beverage. Her assignment – define a cocktail culture for the resort’s newly launched Aura restaurant and Cure lounge and patio.

Growing up in Victoria, Hailey finished school and immediately began a career in the local restaurant industry. Through working in all aspects of the industry including serving, bartending and managing, she found her stride in fine and funky dining. As a cocktail specialist, she defined her style playing with unique and fresh ingredients and combining them with premium spirits.

During her tenures at The Wickaninnish Inn, Café Brio, and Stage to name a few, Hailey has achieved an informal education in premium distillates, craft beer, wine, and traditional liqueurs that has served her well. She has taken inspiration from working with chefs and pastry teams to effectively marry the flavours of everything from fresh herbs to fruit to chocolate with spirits to create a complete beverage culture.

Hailey has used her resources wisely and now makes her own bitters, syrups, and infusions, and has stayed true to her playful roots by incorporating interesting themes and garnishes to her cocktails.

Burnt Schramm Gin Martini

Rinse the inside of a chilled Martini glass with 1/8 oz Lagavulin (or any very peaty single malt)

Shake out excess whiskey 
In a glass shaker

1oz Schramm Gin 
½ oz Martini Bianco

Add ice and stir for 15 seconds

Strain into the “burnt” Martini glass

Garnish: coriander and cumin compressed cucmbers

Created By: Hailey Pesemko of Nita Lake Lodge

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