In Vancouver: Roman Pizza and a Tomato Festival

Campagnolo Roma biancoverde pizza, Provence Marinaside chilled yellow Campari tomato soup with spot prawn, cucumber relish and fennel olive oil

Roman Pizza

With all the buzz over Napoletana-style pizzas, it really was just a matter of time before someone decided to break out of the thin crust-Caputo Type ‘00’ box (or rather, round) and head for points north. Rome may not have its own Verace Pizza Napoletana Associazione, but it does have a historically strong reputation for its slightly thicker (but still light) crusts that boast a certain chew that most Napoletanii can’t come close to. And now we have two places (both on the East Side) where we can indulge our anchovy, soppressata and pecorino (or is that just me?). Campagnolo Roma on East Hastings, sister to Campagnolo on Main and Refuel on West 4th, is bringing Roman style flavours  like the Biancoverde, with mozzarella, green olives and arugula over a creamy lemon base. And Trilussa on Main is going even more old-school, with long rectangular flatbreads that are cut into squares (classic Roman style). A favourite was the Capri, with potato, pesto and pecorino.

August is Tomato Festival!

Provence Restaurants have once again launched their tomato festival menus at both locations for the month of August. Jean-Francis and Alessandra Quaglia are using every local grower they can find, from Stony Paradise to UBC Farm, to create menus revolving around heirloom and local varietals. The three-course prix menus ($48 at Provence Marinaside; $45 at Provence Mediterranean Grill) are different for each restaurant and include items like the Provençal tomato tart with dijon, olives, gruyere and basil, or the chilled yellow Campari tomato soup with poached BC spot prawns, cucumber relish and fennel-infused olive oil. I chose the chilled soup to start and the wild prawn open ravioli for the main, which was sided with roasted heirloom tomatoes and watercress salad. The soup’s cool, tart slurp was perfectly offset by the firm prawns and lightly piquant relish. Dessert offers your choice of anything off the regular menu or the candied cherry tomato and fresh strawberry sundae, with a balsamic reduction. (At Mediterranean Grill, it’s a candied grape tomato panna cotta.) Both menus will be available mid-September or while supplies last.

– By Anya Levykh

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Anya Levykh was born on the shores of the Black Sea, in what was formerly the USSR. The cold, Communist winters were too much for her family, and, before she was four feet tall, they had left for warmer climes in the south of ...

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