Inniskillin Okanagan Riesling Icewine 2007

Okanagan Valley
$35-40 for 200ml, $60-65 for 375ml

This was such an easy choice for this week. Why?  Because Inniskillin Icewine dominance is realized worldwide. Because the company’s icewine was selected by Oprah Winfrey as a Valentine’s Day suggestion this year.  Because it was served to accompany the dessert course at the Nobel Prize dinner at which president Obama received his Peace Prize in December 2009.  Because here, on the eve of the Winter Olympics and the world’s attention on BC, we should recognize Canada’s famous contribution to the wine world.  Because Valentine’s Day is next weekend.  And most important – because it’s delicious!

Ripe peach and apricot aromas lead to rich flavours of juicy pear, orange, apple and intense apricot. Lush and tropical – with a bright Riesling acidity to balance out the incredible creamy sweetness.

This precious elixir was made from hand harvested Riesling grapes naturally frozen on the vine from highly regarded Dark Horse Vineyard.  Only a few drops of highly concentrated juice come from each frozen bunch. This particular vintage was harvested on New Year’s Day, 2008. We’re spoiled in B.C. with a climate suitable for annual icewine production.  For the majority of the globe, icewine is a rare delicacy.

The conditions required to produce icewine are harsh, regulated and strict – in a nutshell: grapes must be frozen naturally on the vine at a minimum temperature of -8 degrees celcius, for a minimum of 4 hours and at least 35 Brix sweetness.  The grapes must be picked and pressed immediately – usually in the vineyard (don’t forget it’s below freezing!).  I’d say that easily deserves a gold medal.

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By Treve Ring – online web editor

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